May 13, 2016


Proverbs 1

1-3: Wisdom is Learned

5: Keep Learning

7: Swap Fear For Fear

8: Raising Sons, Listen to ParentsAdvice From Momma (Part One)Advice From Momma (Part Two), Conversations With Momma (Part One), Conversations With Momma (Part Two)

8-9: Wise Children

15-16: Stand Alone

19: Don’t Feed Your Greed

23: Benefits of Repetance

25-26: Window of Opportunity

Proverbs 2

4-5: Knowledge of God, Treasure Knowledge of God

6: What is Wisdom?

16-17: Marriage Covenant

20: Walking Wisely

Proverbs 3

5: Trust in The Lord, Ripples of Love, Trust and Understanding, Detours

5-6: Submission to God’s Will, A Faith Adventure and a Cross Country Trip, Trusting Christ with the Past, Present, and Future, When Life Doesn’t Make Sense, The Discomfort—and Joy—of Calling, Blessed and Free from Comparison, Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On

7: Humble Wisdom, Humble Wisdom

9-10: Honorable Wealth, Give To God First

11-12: Helping Boys Grow Into Men, Broken Heart, Improved Vision

12: Blessed in Difficult Times

21-22: Sound Judgement

24: Sweet Sleep

33: God Blessed Home

34: Freedom in Submission to God

Proverbs 4

3: Moms, The Best Thing You Bring to Summer is YOU!

5-6: Three Ways to Get Wisdom

6: Guardrails for Living

7: Living by Open and Closed Doors

8: Prayerful Perseverance

8-9: Embrace and Celebrate

10: Long Life

11: Wise Guides

18: Prayerful Perseverance

23: Emotional Emptiness, Emotionally Healthy, How’s Your Heart?, Guard Your Heart, Followers Follow

Proverbs 5

1: Pay Attention

5: Deadly Adultery

18: Wedding Anniversary, A Fulfilling Marriage, Marriage Celebration, Lessons I’m Learning from a Blessed Marriage (Part 1), Lessons I’m Learning from a Blessed Marriage (Part 2)

18-19: Midlife Crisis, Growing Old Together

23: Structured Not Disorganized

Proverbs 6

1,3-5: Financial Humility

6-8: Plan AheadAre You a Self-Starter?

16,19: Detest Dissension

25: Lustful Longings

32: Self Destruction

Proverbs 7

4: Leaders Learn

6-7: Mentor Young PeopleMentor the Emerging Generation

13-14: False Spirituality

19-20: Beware of Travel Temptations

Proverbs 8

1-2: Wisdom Speaks Out

12: Prudence Clarifies

13: Hate Evil

15-16: Political Wisdom

22,30: Wisdom is Creative

34-35: God’s Favor

Proverbs 9

1-2: Rich Provision

7: Choose Your Battles

8-9: Invite Instruction

10: Beginning of Wisdom

13: Flirtatious Folly

Proverbs 10

1: Interwoven Stories

5: Opportunity’s Window

12: Love Forgives

19: Tempered TalkTalk Less, Listen More, Shut Your Mouth

25: Economic Storm

30: Righteous Resolve

Proverbs 11

2: Prepared for Wisdom, Wisdom Requires Humility

3: A Reliable Guide

14: Second Opinion

16-17: Benefits of Kindness

17: Respond In Kindness Not In Kind

25: How To Be Prosperous, Regular ReplenishmentGenerous Leaders Prosper and RefreshRelational ProsperityRefreshers Are Refreshed, Generosity and Prosperity, Generous Living, Refreshing Brings Refreshment

27: Seek Good

28: False Trust

Proverbs 12

9: Unpretentious Living

11: Routine Work

15: Unhurried Decisions

18: Public Affirmation-Private Correction, Speaking Up to Experience Greater Intimacy, The Beautiful Compassion of Christ

24: Diligence Rules, Diligence Creates Opportunities

25: Worry is Wearisome, Worry Weighs Us Down

Proverbs 13

5: Righteous Hatred

10: Take Your Advice

11: Dollar-Cost Averaging

12: Ambushed by Joy

20: Walking Wisely, Wisdom Walk, Wise Companions, Our StoryQuality of LifeHow the Right Friends Help You Fulfill Your PurposeHow to Grow in Wisdom, Wise Friends Help Fulfill God’s Purpose For Our Lives, Walk With the Wise

22: Generous Grandparents

24: Love Disciplines, The Ways To Love Your Child

41: The Freedom of Generosity

Proverbs 14

4: Empty Nest, Messy Abundance

8: Avoidable Pain

12: Good Intentions, Self-Deception

21: Kind to the Needy

23: The Next Right Thing

29: The Blessing of Humility in Relational Failure

31: Invisible People

34: A Nation Exalted

Proverbs 15

1: A Gentle Answer, Process Anger Prayerfully, Respond Not ReactHelp for Relationship Conflict, “Back Up the Jeep” to Glorify Jesus

4: Gentle Not Harsh, A Healing Tongue

5: Calmly Correct Children

9: Pursue Righteousness

13: A Happy Heart

18: Patience Calms Down, Patience Diffuses Anger

26: Pure Thoughts

31-32: Course Correction

Proverbs 16

2: Alloyed Motives

5: Detestable to God

9: Calendar and Cash

12: Moral Authority

18: Pride Before Destruction, Stubborn Pride, Gateway to Sin

21: Affirmation Before Instruction

24: Dialogue Daily, How Your Words Can Bring You Freedom or Bondage, Blessed by Dad

28: Gossip Separates 

Proverbs 17

6: Gift of Grandchildren

9: Friends Forgive, Walking in Forgiveness

14: Messy Arguments

17: Forgotten Friends, Nurturing Friendship, A Friend’s Faithful Love

21: Foolish Children

22: Humor Helps

24: Focused Follow Through

28: Hold Your Tongue

Proverbs 18

1: Unfriendly Faith

2: How Wisdom Can Preserve Your Life

19: Overcoming An Offense

21: Power of Words to Heal or Hurt

24: Friendly Makes Friends

Proverbs 19

1-3: Habit of Honesty

6: Power Creates Pretense

8: Wisdom Works

11: Wisdom Gives PatienceHow Conflict Can Improve Relationships, Guarding Your Heart From Being Offended, Cultivating an Unoffendable Heart

19: Avoid Enablement

21: Prayer is Planning

22: What Every Man Needs

Proverbs 20

5: On Purpose, A Person on Purpose, What Is Your Unique Purpose?, Living On Purpose

12: Marvelously Made

15: Words of Worth

19: Excessive Talk

Proverbs 21

1: Divinely Directed

3: Peaceful Protest

5: Daily IntentionalityIntentional Living, A Spending Plan

9: Season of Separation

17: Pursuit of Pleasure

21: Pursue Righteousness and Love

26: Generous Parenting

Proverbs 22

1: Brand IntegrityWhat Matters MostLife Lessons I Learned From S. Truett Cathy’s Funeral, The Longview of Love, What is the Value of Your Good Name?, How Do You Maintain Your Good Name?, A Good Name Keeps a Clear Conscience

3: Advantages to Accountability

4: Easily Angered

6: Child TrainingParenting the Strengths of Your Child, Pursuit of Parenting, Intentional Dads, A Parents Generous Love

7: Financial Faithfulness, Pay Cash

10: Emotional Overhead, Remove Troublemaker

17: Pay Attention

29: Audience With Influencers

Proverbs 23

1-3: Responsible Eating, Eat Responsibly, Meaningful Meals

4-5: Money is Overrated

9: Waste of Time

15-16: Celebrating Rich Memories

18: Why Hope is a Sure Thing, Anticipate the Future

19: The Right Path

24: A Delighted Parent

35: Addicted to Drink

Proverbs 24

6: Advisers and Guidance

12: Life Guard

16: Failure is Not Final, Keep Showing Up

26: Trusted Advisers

27: Productivity Follows Preparation, Business Discipline

29: Don’t Go There

32: Evaluated Experience

33-34: Autonomy With Accountability

Proverbs 25

4: Refining Process

8: Cool Down Period, Don’t Make Assumptions

11: You Are God’s Difference Maker

13: Refreshing Relationships

16-17: Just Enough

28: Lacks Self-Control

Proverbs 26

3: Forced Discipline

10: Wise Hire

13: Diligence Not Excuses, Lazy Excuses

17: Not Your Business

20: Discretion Not Gossip

27: Deception Self Destructs

Proverbs 27

6: Confront to ConnectLeadership and Friendship

15-16: Quarrelsome Wife

17: The Necessity of Community

19: How’s Your Heart?

23: Emotional Intelligence Engages the HeartRobust Relationships Require Ongoing Attention

Proverbs 28

7: Discernment Obeys God

20: Richly Blessed

26: Walk in Wisdom

27: Don’t Hide Your Eyes

Proverbs 29

1: Opportunity to Change

11: Under Control

26: Audience of One

Proverbs 30

8: Daily Bread

21, 23: Love Her

25: Future Savings, Save Systematically

Proverbs 31

10: Character is NobleVirtuous Woman, Character’s Value

11-12: Character is Trustworthy

13: Character is Diligent

16: Character is Careful

16-17: A Working Mother

17: Character is Industrious

19: Character is Respectful

20: Character is Giving

21: Character is Prepared

23: Character is Respected

25: Character is Dignified, Laughing Without Fear

26: Precise Communication

27-28: Mother’s Work

30: Character is Praised

31: Character Is Rewarded