March 29, 2023

Detestable to God

Written by Boyd Bailey

Pride cringes in the light of love and cowers in face of humble faith in and dependence on Jesus Christ.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – March 29, 2023

The Lord detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished. Proverbs 16:5, NIV

C.S. Lewis, in his clear, concise, and compelling manner, describes pride as the number one vice; “There is one vice of which no man in the world is free; which everyone in the world loathes when he sees it in someone else; and of which hardly any people, except Christians, ever imagine that they are guilty themselves. I have heard people admit that they are bad-tempered, that they cannot keep their heads about girls or drink, or even that they are cowards. I do not think I have ever heard anyone who was not a Christian accuse himself of this vice. And at the same time, I have very seldom met anyone, who was not a Christian, who showed the slightest mercy to it in others. There is no fault that makes a man more unpopular and no fault that we are more unconscious of in ourselves. And the more we have it ourselves, the more we dislike it in others. The vice I am talking of is Pride or Self-Conceit: and the virtue opposite to it, in Christian morals, is called Humility. Indeed, pride is the worst vice, an offense and detestable to God.

Pride is detestable to God because pride says I do not need God. “I’m good, I’m ok, others may need the crutch of religion, but I’m better than most church people.” Yet this self-sufficient, self-reliant attitude is the essence of pride, “I don’t need God; I am my own god.” A person would not say this about himself, but those who know him well…would. Pride blinds the one infected to believing they are healthy, and it sees others as sick and unable to care for themselves. Yet, the entire human race is infected by sin, and only the cure of Jesus Christ can heal a human of pride. And without regularly implanting stents of humility, pride reinfects the heart, blocking the life flow of intimacy with the Lord and people. Pride is detestable to God, but humility is honorable!

Pride ends in destruction; humility ends in honor” (Proverbs 18:12, TLB).

A life built on pride is the ever-shifting sand of self, while a life built on humility has a sure footing of faith in the Lord. A humble life can live with the certainty of Christ being in control, while a life of pride is insecure, looking over its shoulder, anxious over what harms them. Pride makes promises it cannot keep, while humility is measured by waiting on God and leaning into His faithful promises. You can tell a proud person…in a rush to make sure everyone knows (especially on social media) how important they are and how successful. The admiration of others is what they strive for. Yet, the humble person is distinctly different, quietly serving an audience of One, helping others become the best versions of themselves while investing prayer, time, influence, and resources in advancing the Kingdom of God. Pride unconsciously scrolls to feel better about itself… humility intentionally looks into the ancient scroll of God to experience life that is truly life. The fruit of humility is honoring God and others…resting in peace and love.

Abide in Christ, and pride will be unable to wrest control of your heart. Recognizing and embracing the presence of perfect love in your life gives you the upper hand in seeing pride sneak up on you, so you can say out loud to the Lord and others that you need the Spirit’s strength and the love and accountability of a community of Christ followers. Pride cringes in the light of love and cowers in the face of humble faith in and dependence on Jesus Christ. As much as God and godly people loathe pride…they love humility. Humility elevates honoring God and others.

“Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the Lord, and humility comes before honor” (Proverbs 15:33).


Heavenly Father, I humble my heart and confess my need for your humility and wisdom in my life through Christ’s love, and in Jesus’ name, amen.


Who models humility that I can emulate and learn from?

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