January 9, 2023

Living On Purpose

Written by Boyd Bailey

Each season of life is defined by an updated set of priorities, so wisdom takes time to discern and adjust.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – January 9, 2023

The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out. Proverbs 20:5

What is your unique purpose? Do you live uniquely you, or are you fulfilling a role you really resent? Perhaps you start by asking, ‘What does my Savior Jesus expect of me?’ Christ has clearly pronounced His purposes, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). The Lord has already laid out your plan of rewarding activities on His behalf.

Start by examining your passions, not what just excites you, but what roles you are willing to suffer and persevere on purpose. Vocational ministry may seem noble, but can you forgive in the face of rejection, and can you serve without man’s recognition and affirmation? A minister’s purpose is to remain a faithful servant of Jesus Christ. The Lord chooses us for His purposes and glory.

“And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry” (1 Timothy 1:12). 

Each season of life is defined by a new set of purposes. When you are single you lay a foundation of financial and moral responsibility. When you are married you prepare for a family and develop friendships in a similar season of life. When you have children, you serve unselfishly and teach intentionally the ways of God. When you are an ‘empty nester’ you enjoy your spouse, you mentor and you aggressively invest in the Kingdom of God.

Above all, get before God and allow Him to define your purposes. Then stay on purpose with the focused disciplines of prayer and execution. If you are a teacher, teach, a student, study, a mom, mother, a dad, father, a leader, lead, an artist, create, a programmer, program, a blogger, blog, a consultant, consult, or a manager, manage. Whatever you do, become the best you can be, before God and man. Am I on purpose or do I need to adjust my actions? Do my passions, gifts and skills align around a common purpose, all for God’s glory? 

Most of all, our purpose as Jesus’ followers is to love God, others, and ourselves. I like how theologian Stephen Freemen distills down the purpose of a disciple of Christ, Christians live in the narrative of Christ. The purpose of our lives is union with Christ. And that purpose is fulfilled daily by union with Christ in all things and all people.” One with God!

“They did what your power and will had decided beforehand should happen” (Acts 4:28).


Heavenly Father, my heart’s desire is to understand and follow your purpose for my current season of life, through Christ’s love and in Jesus’ name, amen.


For a life purpose tool check out The Pathway created by Women Doing Well.

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