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Testimony Highlights 

  • Wow! This devotional spoke to me in a powerful way. What really struck me was “But if we really believed that the God of the Universe was listening, would we stop in a quiet place, prostrate ourselves in prayer and really listen to Him?” This makes me ponder why I do not give God more of me, more of my time that He graces me with, do I truly believe He hears me every time I talk to Him? Your writing is beautifully written, easy to understand and touches my heart, thank you.
  • I have been following your devotional for almost two years now. It has been a huge source of inspiration for me, as God has used your light to shine His light within my soul, with stunning regularity. There have been more days than I can count, where your message and the associated Scriptures have hit at the heart of what God is doing in my life, a finger on the pulse of my process.I just wanted to take a minute to say, “thank you,” for touching my life in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. Thank you for being a brightly shining light, and salt that has seasoned many a colorless and darkened day through the wilderness. May the Lord bless you and keep you, making His face shine upon you, and grant you peace. May He bless and increase the fruit of His work in you, to you, with you, and through you.
  • This is so dead on!! I feel like most people can relate to the fear thing in several areas of their/our lives. There are only a few people in life that are confident in themselves and don’t fear much. God speaks so much in his word about fear not coming from him. Oftentimes we compare ourselves to one another and that’s where our fear comes from because we don’t feel we measure up. Just want to say that everything you spoke is so true and it would probably help us to read it again and again so that it really resonates in our spirit. Thanks!! I needed this!
  • Just wanted to say how much I appreciate Wisdom Hunters Devotionals. Boyd, you do a fantastic job with it. I am a 60 year old father of five and international missionary. I have read and used all the great devotionals from the ages, and I must tell you that yours is right up there with the best of them…truly. I can tell you put a lot of prayer into this. Your honesty and genuine heart that desires to serve Jesus is very apparent, and the solid Biblical nature of what you share is wonderful. God bless you Brother, and all of whatever staff you have. You are doing a GREAT job!
  • Thank you for your life. I am so blessed with those words of God you are sharing everyday. Continue to be a blessing for others! More power, fire and faith from our Lord Jesus Christ above. All glory, all praise and all of ours belongs to Him. God bless you everyday! :)
  • Best devotion I have ever read!! Will print, share, and read DAILY. Just what I needed. Thank you so very much! – Lyn
  • Thank you for this timely post with so many wonderful reminders of how to walk like Jesus in the face of evil or suffering. How beautifully He loves us! I want to love like Him and see others through His eyes. – Lucy
  • I really enjoyed this devotional! My favorite part is when you say: “Moses was not the leader he wanted to be, but his humility positioned him to grow into the leader he would become. … Humility trusts the Lord to accomplish what needs to get done.” Before taking the leap to lead my first Bible Study group at church based on my book Courage Under Fire about my cancer experience, I have to say I had feelings of inadequacy. Now I can say that it was such a great experience, that I kept on leading Bible Study small groups. Definitely, when we humble ourselves to the Spirit leading, God accomplishes what needs to get done! – Yilda
  • The daily devotionals are words of encouragement, uplifting our hope in an Amazing God who always has our best interest in His sight. Praise be to Him. I often share your devotionals with men I fellowship with and it always comes with a heartfelt thank you. – Mike
  • I have started to receive Boyds devotional again, and the timing has been fantastic. I thank you, and all of the wisdom hunters for what you do. If it were not for dedicated people like all of you, and like those of us who are also seekers of wisdom, then all of the world would be filled with darkness. We need to be eternal learners, always seeking more, and doing more. I count all of you among the many friends, and family of believers, all of us heirs with Christ. God Bless, Michael
  • I have received your devotions and have purchased many of your books through the years to share. They have been a source of comfort and strength when I suffered many losses. So many times, the daily wisdom plus scriptures, would be just what I needed for the day for encouragement. Boyd, you truly are using your gift that the Lord has given you the ability to us. Please keep them coming. May the Lord bless you and keep you. – Gail
  •  I use these devotionals in our prison ministry.  Between our visits they keep the ladies encouraged and in touch with our Lord.  So many of them are perfect for their circumstances.  Thank you and bless you. – Pat
  • This message is so timely for reflection of all the ways Jesus walked with each of us during our past year’s experiences. And what a refreshing concept to remember as we anticipate the New Year! Thank you, Boyd
  • Just wanted to thank you for all the devotions in this great book. My husband and I use it daily but this one really hit us. Praying to be less about ourselves and our ‘convenience’ and more about shining the Light of Christ into the messed up world around us. Thanks, Boyd!
  • I am amazed by how our Heavenly Father is using you, to confirm every word his spirit minister to mine…I feel like there’s a connection, because every time I get up from my devotional and prayer time and then I read the daily devotional from wisdom hunters, and somehow the Lord speaks to me…May the Lord keep blessing you, with his wisdom and revelation! To keep been the blessing you are for the world in Jesus name. Blessings to you and your family. Thanks!!!
  • What a blessing your devotion was Tripp! I am a first grade teacher. I would like to share with you that the need for immediate gratification is far more reaching than you may realize. It has created a generation of children who are not willing to work to learn. The teaching challenges that have resulted are formidable. Attention spans are shorter and children just do not want to write. We do all that we can with technology, but nothing takes the place of pencil to paper. Thank you for addressing this problem and for your wise reflections.
  • Thank you , Tripp, for the perfect devotional as we wait for my Dad’s entry into Eternal Life, soon – – – maybe today. This experience is reminding me about God’s perfect timing, and how we do not have to try to figure everything out for ourselves, but rather, wait and know God is in control.
  • Today’s reading is so fitting for me..I am my way to a funeral for a relative that is saved and truly loves the Lord.. Today’s reading help to push my way to make even though I am weary and tired.. God gives us what we need when we need it.. God Bless.
  • Thank you I think this was written just for me! So many changes happening right now. Some good and some bad. It’s so important to remember that He is the same every day and I can trust Him.
  • I have been reading Wisdom Hunters daily for over three years. Thank you for your commitment to the Truth. I combine your devotion with Turning Point and My Utmost for His Highest and then I search the Bible to know the Lord better.
    Thank you and God Bless
  • I just wanted to take the time out to thank you for your daily devotional emails.  They are so uplifting, encouraging, and even prophetic at times. Your devotion regarding “dry seasons” was especially timely.
  • I’ve been reading your daily comments for a little over a year. Today’s post really touched me. I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit in your words. Thank you!
  • Thanks for the reminder/affirmation. I love how you bring up the team. My staff of 8 are all believers. Although we don’t have that as a policy, they’ve “found their way” to us and we are all growing together — from ages 22-to-82! Not long ago, they started a “prayer requests” list on a whiteboard in the common area and they keep it updated. Some clients and vendor have asked about it, or commented, “that’s a good idea!” I am blessed! 
  • Today’s devotional is perfectly timed! (God certainly knows what He’s doing!) I am studying the epistle of James in my Bible Study at St. Bernadette’s Church in Westlake, OH, & believe it or not, we are discussing James 4:1-10 tonight. I will share your meditation with everyone in the group (about 40 people.) Thank you.
  • God is faithful and His Word is true. I am in a season of growing. I am growing because my husband and I (who are both believers of Christ Jesus) are separated. The situation has required faith. I didn’t realize until now that my walk with God was not strong. Through this test and trial your daily devotions have encouraged me in wisdom. I am no longer worried about tomorrow for I know tomorrow will take care of itself. I know God loves both my husband and I. My desire is that God restores us, but I understand that He wants to be first in our lives. I don’t care how bad it looks right now, after reading through several of your devotions and turning to the Word of God, He has renewed my strength. My battle is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities in high places. I will continue to read your devotions and speak God’s Word over my situation. When God answers my prayer and my marriage is restored. I will be sure to write you back. Until then, I will proclaim victory, keep praying and keep trusting God my Father. Thank you for your daily emails.
  • Thank you so much for the personal calls offering prayer & thanking me for giving to your ministry. Impressive! I do trust your ministry & God speaks through your devotions which are so timely!  Since you offered & I do trust the heart of this ministry I would like you to agree with me in prayer that I be released from the emotional grip of past abuse in my life…..
  • “Thank you for this reminder, your words were a timely blessing. I’m going through a dark season in my life, God is dealing with me on somethings; and it is uncomfortable, nevertheless, I will walk through it. I am a cult survivor and many times I’ve felt like I walked along, and many times Jesus has gently reminded me that, “He will never leave or forsake me.” Thank you for the confirmation -Kim
  • Yes I did receive the devotional this morning, and thank you. The one I am looking for is from Tuesday, September 23, titled Live What We Know. I thank you for all of the good work, and the devotional books I ordered earlier this year, the books are fantastic, I am sharing two of them with friends. God Bless you, God Bless Boyd, and God Bless Wisdom Hunters worldwide, for we know the truth, and it is great to find people who reinforce that.  – Wisdom Hunter
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