April 21, 2016

I love your new look!

Written by Wisdom Hunters

O my goodness!  I love your new look as it brings us together as one in Christ with each word we receive from your pages of heavenly design.  I have been receiving your Wisdom Hunters for years along with others, however, Wisdom Hunters is on top of my most read articles each day.  I have copies in my purse and calendar that I refer to each day that you have written.  I have forwarded your anointed messages to my friends and others.  I am so thankful God put your website in my life.  As I browsed your new look, my heart was pounding as I looked at the headings of different Christ-filled articles that I can learn from in my daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.  I put you right next to Max Lucado as my favorite writers and men of God.  Your wealth of the Spirit has always given me hope in my walk when I felt all was lost at times.  I’m 76 years young and still learning from you and your faith in God Almighty each morning.  Please know, Mr. Bailey, that you are touching the hearts of believers, along with all the non-believers with your awesome website that is designed to bring people to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your faith in this ministry God has given to you over the years.  Even in your low times of tiredness, always remember we love your heart of words and Scriptures listed to give us a new beginning in Christ and what He gave us the very day we said yes to Him in our walk.  God bless you, your ministry team, your family and your home.  We need God fearing men like yourself to help us understand the end times before us and the awesome Word of God that is at our fingertips.  Our Bible is our lifeline to Eternal Life with our Father in heaven.   You are richly blessed in your life for God and His Son, Jesus Christ!


Blessings & Prayers,


Ps 91 & Is 40:31


  1. Flo says:

    I read your devotion each morning. This one about family members really hitt home for me.. My in laws aren’t saved. I pray that someday they will know Jesus. I am trusting you wiill join with me in prayer. Their names are Andy,Berh, & Bill
    May the Lord Richly Bless this Ministry.

  2. lloydjames says:

    You Loving Faithful Saints and Brothers And Sisters in Our Lord and Savior Keep the Flow and Spirit Of Jesus Christ/God/ Holy Spirit Conveyed and Recieved For Your Testimonies to this Dying Evil Worl d of Unfaithful/ Human Beings. Thank you. I fell the same way. Love you all in Jesus Name. Amen

  3. Gwynne says:

    Thank you Lloyd. We are grateful for you and we hope that during this precious season of celebrating the birth of our Savior, you are feeling His Peace and Presence. May God Bless You and Keep You.
    Believing and trusting,
    “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you. You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.” Luke 2: 11-12

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