May 13, 2016


Hebrews 2

1: Pay Closer Attention

6-9: Look To Jesus

14-15: Free from Fear

15: Fear of Death

18: Overcoming Temptation, A Holy Struggle

Hebrews 3

1: Jesus Thinking—Not Over Thinking

7-8, 12-13: Wilderness Seasons

14: Keep Showing Up

Hebrews 4

3: Enter Into Rest, Schedule Time for Rest

9-11: Rest From Work

15-16: Time of Need

16: Why Desperate Leaders are WinnersWhen It’s Your Fault

Hebrews 5

2b-3: Flawed Leaders

7-9: Suffering Teaches Obedience, Learning Obedience

7-10: Confident Confession

8: Learn Obedience, Glory in Suffering

8-9: Obey HimLearning to Obey Like Jesus

13-14: Infant Christians

Hebrews 6

10: Good Leaders Love

10-12: Sweat and Success

11-12: Who Are You Imitating?

19: The Anchor

Hebrews 7

25: Jesus Intercessor

Hebrews 10

23: Hold on to Hope, Unswerving Hope

23-25: Leaders Worth Following

24: She Stepped Outside Her Comfort Zone for Love

24-25: Is Your Faith Provocative?

25: Making Habits

30-31: God’s Payment PlanTrust God to Pay Back in His Timing, God’s Plan For Injustice

34: A Better Possession

35: Confident Trust

35-36: The Importance of Endurance

36: Resilience not Resolution, Do God’s Will

38-39: Live By Faith

Hebrews 11

1: Managing Our Moods

4: Missing Mom

7: Warned by God

8: Faith Living, The Great Adventure, Time To GoGreat Leaders Are Willing to Make Sudden Adjustments, Let’s Go God

13: Prosperity Gospel

15-16: Pilgrimage with God

17: Absolute Surrender

17,19: Absolute Surrender

24-25: Conflicting Loyalties

24-26: Sacrificial Spirit, Looking Ahead

26: Eternal Rewards

Hebrews 12

1: Heavenly HeroesCalled to be Saints, Hope From Dead Heroes

1-2: Dead Heroes, Competing AttachmentsJoyful Endurance, Inspired by Faithfulness

2: Joyful Obedience, Despising Shame

3: Never Give Up On Others

9: Discipline Invites Respect

14: Family Holiday Tensions

Hebrews 13

4: Honor Marriage, Marriage Intentionally

5: Two Things We Can’t Get From Our Money and Possessions, A Spouse’s Loyal Love

6: Overcoming the Fear of Man, Prayer Plus Action Equals a Changed Life

7-8: A Pluralistic Nation United by Faith in GodA God Fearing People Imitate the Faith of God Fearing Leaders

8: Unchanging God

8-9: Unchanging Truth in a Changing World

14-16: Citizens of the Kingdom

16: Do Good as You Have Opportunity

17: Too Familiar Leaders, Confidence in Leadership, Watch Over You

18: An Honorable Life

18-19: Solicit Prayers