May 13, 2016

1 Peter

1 Peter 1

3: The Wonder of Resurrection, Hope is a Strategy

3-5: An Undefiled Hope

6-7: Suffer Grief, Faith Fortified By Trials, Faith Tested by Trials

7: Genuine Faith

14: A Call to Be Transformed

24-25: God’s Word

1 Peter 2

1-3: Pure Spiritual Milk

9: Declare the Praises

11: The Secret to Contentment

21-23: In His Steps

1 Peter 3

3-4: The Hidden Person of the Heart

4: Many Kinds of Mothers

7: A Humble Husband

10-11: Are You Living The Good Life?

13-15: Are you Paralyzed by Fear?

17: Two Types of Suffering

1 Peter 4

8: Committed LoveA Letter About Choosing Love, Love Covers Differences, Building Healthy Relationships

10: Your Purpose Might Be Right in Front of You

12: Soul Trust When Suffering, The Beautiful Gifts of Suffering

19: Glorifying God When Suffering

1 Peter 5

5: Why me, God?, Humility Has An Expiration Date, Faith Fashion Statement, Put on Humility

5-6: Humility is a Choice, Dressed for Success

6-7: Strength in Weakness

7: God Cares, He CaresWhy Having Spiritual Doubts Can Be a Good ThingGod Cares For YouPeace in Panic

8: Waiting with Purpose

8-9: God’s Love Wins

10: How to Persevere and Hold On to Your FaithUnshakeable Faith, He Uses Evil for Good