May 13, 2016

1 John

1 John 1

5: Do You Feel Let Down?, Just a Small Twinge of Grief

6-7: Trust Verified By Obedience

7: Looking for Direction

9: The Blessings of Confession, An Honest Confession

1 John 2

5-6: Love Grows By Obedience

15-17: Worthy of Love

19: Stay the Course

1 John 3

1: God’s Gift of Love: A Family of FaithSeeing Christ Clearly, What Manner of Love?, Experiencing God as Faithful Father, You Are Who He Says You Are

2: Certain in Uncertainty

2-3: Seek and Find

3: What Marshmallows Have to Do with Faith

9: New Birth, No Sin

8: Listen To The Voice That Matters Most

16: Men, the World Needs You!

16-18: Generous Living

18: Love Does, Loving Well

19-20: Overcoming Shame

1 John 4

7: Real Love is Contagious

7-8: Becoming a Strong and Gracious Woman

7-9: Day-in, Day-Out Love is Best

7,21: We Are What We Love

8: Pure Love Leads The Way, Obedience Flows from Genuine Love, Setting Goals That Honor God

8-9: Love Came Down

9: Schools of Love, Love Does

14: The Trinity’s Love

16: Live Like You Are Loved, Do You Believe in Ice Cream?

18: House of Love, You Are Loved, Fear, Leave Me Alone in Jesus’ Name!

19: Loved to LoveHow to Love My Spouse Like They Want and Need to Be LovedThe Motivation and Manner of Our Love For Others, Loved by the Lord to Love for the Lord, Pursued by Love

19-21: Love in Action, The Training Ground for Love

1 John 5

1: Love Others by Loving God

2-3: The Blessing of Rules

3: Love ObeysForgiveness Isn’t Like a Stoptional, Resting in God’s Love for You

3-4: House Rules

7: Love Obeys2

14-15: According to God’s WillThe Gift of Unanswered Prayer