May 13, 2016

1 John

1 John 1

9: The Blessings of Confession

1 John 3

1: God’s Gift of Love: A Family of FaithSeeing Christ Clearly

3: What Marshmallows Have to Do with Faith

8: Listen To The Voice That Matters Most

18: Love Does

1 John 4

7: Real Love is Contagious

7,21: We Are What We Love

9: Schools of Love

16: Live Like You Are Loved

18: House of Love

19: Loved to LoveHow to Love My Spouse Like They Want and Need to Be LovedThe Motivation and Manner of Our Love For Others, Loved by the Lord to Love for the Lord

19-21: Love in Action

1 John 5

1: Love Others by Loving God

3: Love ObeysForgiveness Isn’t Like a Stoptional

3-4: House Rules

7: Love Obeys2

14-15: According to God’s WillThe Gift of Unanswered Prayer