May 13, 2016

1 John

1 John 3

1: God’s Gift of Love: A Family of FaithSeeing Christ Clearly

3: What Marshmallows Have to Do with Faith

8: Listen To The Voice That Matters Most

18: Love Does

1 John 4

7: Real Love is Contagious

7,21: We Are What We Love

9: Schools of Love

16: Live Like You Are Loved

18: House of Love

19: Loved to LoveHow to Love My Spouse Like They Want and Need to Be LovedThe Motivation and Manner of Our Love For Others

19-21: Love in Action

1 John 5

1: Love Others by Loving God

3: Love ObeysForgiveness Isn’t Like a Stoptional

3-4: House Rules

7: Love Obeys2

14-15: According to God’s WillThe Gift of Unanswered Prayer