May 13, 2016


James 1

1-4: The Purpose in Your Pain

2-3: Pure Joy, Three Gifts of Tribulation

2-4: Trust Your Instruments, Everything is an Opportunity, Sifting Then Shifting, An Opportunity for Joy

3: What Comes Out When You Are Squeezed?

3-4: A Growing Patience Grows Character, How Problems Grow Patience

5: Need Help? Ask!, Gain a Heart of Wisdom

5-6: Pursuit of WisdomHow to Make the Best Decision

6-8: Double Minded, Spiritual Stability

12: God’s Rewards for Faithful Love

13: Empowered to Overcome Temptation

18: How to Give Our Best For God

19: Active Listening, Humble and Courageous Conversations, Listen With Empathy, The Wisdom and Gifts of Listening, Compassionate Listening

19-20: Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

19-21: Anger is Toxic to Relationships

22: Truth AppliedTransforming Power of Truth AppliedGhosts and Corpses

22-24: How Does God See You?

25: My Graduation from Spiritual KindergartenHow Do We Find Freedom?

27: Evidences of Genuine Faith

James 2

1: All God’s Creation Is Good

18: Start Doing

23: Friend of God

James 3

7-10: Taming the Tongue

13: What is Wisdom?

13,17: Wisdom is Character

17: When You Wish That Conflict Would Disappear

James 4

6-7: Freedom: the Fruit of Submission to God

6-8: Give In To God’s Love

7: Your Past Doesn’t Have to Define Your Present, Active Submission, Knowing the Master’s Voice

8: Draw Near to God, Slow to Judge, Quick to Repent, God is Waiting for You

10: The Joy of Surrender, He is Your Abundant Life

13-14: What is Your Life?

13-15: Accurate Assumptions, Feeling In Control

17: Sin of OmissionFive Sins of Neglect

James 5

8: Strong Patience

11: Faith and Patience to Suffer Well

16: Healing Hurt, Spring Cleaning for Our Messy HeartsKnowing and Being KnownThe Healing Power of Spoken Words, Make Problems Public, Speak Words of Healing, Shared Pain Brings Healing, Becoming Your Best Self, Prayer for Healing