May 13, 2016


James 1

1-4: The Purpose in Your Pain

2-3: Pure Joy, Three Gifts of Tribulation

2-4: Trust Your Instruments, Everything is an Opportunity, Sifting Then Shifting

3: What Comes Out When You Are Squeezed?

3-4: A Growing Patience Grows Character, How Problems Grow Patience

5: Need Help? Ask!, Gain a Heart of Wisdom

5-6: Pursuit of WisdomHow to Make the Best Decision

6-8: Double Minded, Spiritual Stability

12: God’s Rewards for Faithful Love

13: Empowered to Overcome Temptation

18: How to Give Our Best For God

19: Active Listening, Humble and Courageous Conversations, Listen With Empathy, The Wisdom and Gifts of Listening, Compassionate Listening

19-20: Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

19-21: Anger is Toxic to Relationships

22: Truth AppliedTransforming Power of Truth AppliedGhosts and Corpses

22-24: How Does God See You?

25: My Graduation from Spiritual KindergartenHow Do We Find Freedom?

27: Evidences of Genuine Faith

James 2

1: All God’s Creation Is Good

18: Start Doing

23: Friend of God

James 3

7-10: Taming the Tongue

13: What is Wisdom?

13,17: Wisdom is Character

17: When You Wish That Conflict Would Disappear

James 4

6-7: Freedom: the Fruit of Submission to God

6-8: Give In To God’s Love

7: Your Past Doesn’t Have to Define Your Present, Active Submission, Knowing the Master’s Voice

8: Draw Near to God, Slow to Judge, Quick to Repent, God is Waiting for You

10: The Joy of Surrender, He is Your Abundant Life

13-14: What is Your Life?

13-15: Accurate Assumptions, Feeling In Control

17: Sin of OmissionFive Sins of Neglect

James 5

8: Strong Patience

11: Faith and Patience to Suffer Well

16: Healing Hurt, Spring Cleaning for Our Messy HeartsKnowing and Being KnownThe Healing Power of Spoken Words, Make Problems Public, Speak Words of Healing, Shared Pain Brings Healing