May 13, 2016


Ephesians 1

1: Belonging to JesusCity Life in Christ

1-2: Saint not Sinner

3: Spiritual Blessings in Christ, The Hospitality of Christ’s Presence, Every Spiritual Blessing

3-4: Stress Busters

3-6: My Pleasure

4-5: Adopted and Accepted

5: When Confidence is Toppled by Condemnation

5,7: Benevolent Sovereignty

7: Wealth of God, Forgiveness of GodYou Are Rich

7-10: Spiritual Formation

13-14: Mutual PossessionYou Are God’s PossessionA Taste of What’s to Come

15-16: Thankful Prayers

16-17, 19-20: God’s Generous Gift of Power

16-18: The Secret to Hopeful Living

18: Prayer for Clarity

22-23: Total Healing

Ephesians 2

1-2: From Sickness to Health

4: God’s Love in Action

4-5: Quality of Mercy

8-9: Gift of Grace

9: Are You Saved?

9-10: Who Are You?

10: Made to Make, Walk in Good WorksA Way of Life, Purpose or Calling?, Free to Be God’s Unique Person, Called to Create, Feel Like a Fish Out of Water?, What You Do Isn’t Who You Are, You Are His Funnel, Your God-given Assignment Matters, Thoughts for the Single Who Wants to Marry

13-14: Personal Peace

19-20: A Place to Belong

Ephesians 3

1-2: Stewards of Grace

5-6: God Welcomes Everyone

16-17: Inner Spiritual Strength

16-18: Spiritual Riches, Life in Christ

20: Further Faster, Have You Put God in a Blessing Box?, Your Loving and Powerful Father, How Blessings Follow Trials

20-21: How Not to Give Away Your Power

Ephesians 4

1-2: Walk in Humility

1-3: How to Heal Hurting Relationships

2: Being Fully Known and Fully Loved, Humility Gives, Humility Loves

2-3: The Best For Us, Into Me See

7-8: Ascend to the Throne

11-12: Gift of Evangelism

11-13: Every Gift Starts as a Spark

11-14: Safety in Numbers

15: Loving Communication, Caring CandorConfront with Truth, How Marriage Helps Us Grow

15-16: Unrealistic Expectations

16: Fitly Joined Together

17: Walk Against Culture

22-24: Exchanged Life, New Life in Christ

26: Keep Short Accounts

26-27: Humble Leadership

28: Three-Step Transformation

29: Too Blunt, Conversations not CommandsIs it Time to Do Some Zipping?, Caring Questions, Meaningful Communication

30-32: Forgiveness Empowers

31-32: Freed Up To Love, Make Me an Instrument of Peace Online, Lord, Try a Little Tenderness, Will You Be Bitter or Better?

32: Forgiven People Forgive, Kindness and Compassion, Learning to Forgive, Forgiving Dad, Remedy for Relational Repair, Learning Empathy, Crying, Compassion, and Church at the End of My Hospital Bed, Choosing Compassion

Ephesians 5

1-2: Who You Are, Be An Authentic Christian

2: Walk in Love, Contagious for Christ

8-10: Sold Out, Find Out What Pleases God

15-16: Walk in WisdomAppropriate or Inappropriate, Living In The Present Moment

15-17: Redeeming the Time, Essentials Not Non-EssentialsHow to Live IntentionallyDon’t Be Foolish!

17-18: Number One InfluencerHoly Spirit Influenced

18: Being Filled With the Spirit

18-19: Speak Up!

18-20: Gratitude Gene, Gratitude: The DNA of a Jesus Disciple

20: Always Be Thankful, Always Giving Thanks

20-21: Three Ingredients for a Healthy Marriage

21: Lessons Learned From Our Fourth Daughter’s Wedding, A Fruitful Wedding, Me For You and You For Me, Relational Well-Being

22-23: Ways a Wife Can Support Her Husband

23: Protect Your Wife, Spiritual Leader

28-30: How Can I Best Love And Care For My Wife?

31: Successful Marriages

33: Three Ways To Love Your Husband, Best Parental Gift, 3 Ways to Love Your Husband, Respect Him

Ephesians 6

1: Parental Golden Years

2: Honor Aging Parents

2-3: Honoring Our Mothers

4: Effective Fathers Instruct, Slow Parenting, Raising Teenagers, Parenting Without Exasperation, Five Fatherhood Lessons From My Son-In-Law, Lessons I Am Learning From My Son-in-Law, Discipline in Love, Nurturing Dads

5-6: Meaningful Work

10: Strong and Mighty

10-11: Full Armor of God

11: God’s Full Armor, Satanic Schemes, Father of Lies

11-12: Our Biggest Ongoing Battle

12: Spiritual Struggle, How to Stop Satan’s Influence in Your Life, The Battle is Real, Take Up Your Sword, Overcomer!

14: Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Tempered by Truth, Protected by Purity

15: Power in Peace, Steps Toward Peace

16: Shield of FaithFaith Extinguishes Evil Desires

17: Swords of the Spirit, Helmet of Salvation

18: Spiritual Prayers, Seven Ways to Pray, 7 Ways to Pray