August 15, 2012

Protect Your Wife

Written by Boyd Bailey

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- August 15, 2012

“For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.” Ephesians 5:23

A wife is vulnerable to emotional exploitation. She needs her husband’s loving care and protection. Insensitive friends and family can take advantage of her sweet and sensitive spirit. So, a husband who takes seriously his role of protector is ever vigilant to shield his bride from bad behavior. What was once a blossoming flower of faith can wither under the assault of rejection and disrespect. Thus, you guard her heart with your strong stand.

Every woman of faith prays for a godly knight in shining armor who will bear the sword of the Spirit on her behalf. She longs for a godly man who by faith walks in the fullness of the Spirit: courageous and confident in Christ. Are you that husband? Are you active in safeguarding your wife’s mind, will and emotions? Is her spirit in safekeeping with you? Wife, your husband is God’s buffer against bad people. So rest, his role is to defend you.

“May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, LORD, is in you.” Psalm 25:11

Men, don’t shrink back from stepping up for your woman. Just like Jesus is the head of the church and gave Himself up for His bride, so you do the same for yours. Yes, it is daunting at times and we are sometimes defeated, but we do not despair for the Lord is our ultimate defender. Our battle is with His weapons of prayer, faith and hope. He saved you to save her from being crushed by criticism and deceived by lies. You are her guard.

Ultimately, it is your heavenly Father who spreads His protective coat of character over His children. Your integrity gives you the moral authority to speak the truth in love. Courage follows commitment. Like a calf, caught in a hailstorm, moves for cover, so you get under Christ’s calming cleft. All hell can break loose around you, but you stay put in prayer at the feet of Jesus. He will protect you from the evil elements that swirl about. Therefore, trust in God’s protection first and protect your wife second. She needs you!

“For he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones.” Proverbs 2:8

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thanks for being my protector, so I am able to protect my wife.

Related Readings: Proverbs 2:11; Malachi 2:16; John 17:11-15; 1 Corinthians 13:7

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  1. Diane Hertzler says:

    Dear Boyd,

    I have only recently discovered Wisdom Hunters, and have been blessed, particularly by “Tempered Talk” and “Love and Truth”. However, I am shocked this a.m. to read about husbands as protectors. What about single women who live by the wisdom of your last paragraph each and every day???? What about my semi-infirmed husband, whom I care for each and every day???
    Boyd, I appreciate the model you have in mind for your readers about the husband’s role in marriage. I have long ago made peace with “agreeing to disagree” with sisters & brothers in Christ who are dogmatic about their idea as the only “right” idea, no matter what the situation. So I still appreciate you very much and I understand you are writing what you feel led to write. I’m sure it will be very beneficial to men who have misused or not used their given power/influence in their marriage. That is wonderful, and may be the reason you take the position of husband as Protector.

    But God is my Protector, and also my husband’s Protector. We are a valid married couple, regardless of not fitting into the traditional roles that others insist upon. When I was single until age 34, I learned that the Church and Christians were terribly hurtful and discriminating towards single women and those who do not fit the “norm” of society. I was indeed vulnerable to emotional exploitation, not just from men, but from other women and other Christians. But I learned that God was always with me, holding me, even rocking me, as he comforted me in my pain or need or despair. God performed miracles for me, beyond what I or a husband or even another Christian brother or sister could have. I greet you in peace and Christian love. I encourage you to remember the Golden Rule in your careful writing of Good News.

  2. Boyd says:

    Diane beautiful, thanks for reminding us all of God’s protection over all of us.
    Your perspective and spirit is much needed and appreciated. I thank God for you and your husband’s love for Jesus and example of faithfulness
    to Him and each other. A servant for Jesus – Boyd

  3. Karla says:

    Boyd you are right on target. This you wrote was conformation in a situation in mine and my husbands life. Maybe it’s not for everybody but truly you did right by what you wrote. Thanks for being obedient to what God is telling you. Women do need their husband to protect them and if they don’t there is a void in their heart and yes God can fill that void but it was intended for the husband to shelter their wife’s . Anyway thank you!

  4. Jill says:

    As a single woman who is to fulfill the role of a husband in protecting me?

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