February 7, 2023

Your God-given Assignment Matters

Written by Shana Schutte

God doesn’t give His children assignments that are unimportant.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – February 7, 2023

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10

I once heard Pastor Rick Warren say, “You have an assignment from God himself. Once you’re in the family, your life changes. You have a new reason for living. Your life isn’t about you anymore; it’s about God’s mission.” 

If I’m honest, there are times in life when I haven’t liked the assignment God has given me as a creative encourager. I haven’t appreciated my gifts and there are times I haven’t been grateful for them. I have—in ignorance and foolishness—looked at others as if they had gotten a better slice of the “assignment” pie because their gifts and placement in life seemed to have more value, meaning, and significance. 

And, when others close to me haven’t appreciated the assignment God has given me or even cared to know about it, I’ve felt like I got short-changed when God handed out the good works we would do. 

If you can relate to feeling as if you would like your assignment better if you were doing something else, here are some words to encourage you: 

God is the only one who can tell you if your assignment has value and meaning. Your family cannot tell you if it has value. Your pastor cannot tell you if it has value. Your best friend cannot tell you if it has value. Even you cannot determine if it has value. God is the only one who can determine if it has value and if you are making an impact, because God is the one who gives the assignments, and He assigns value to the assignments.

You must look at the assignment God has given you through the lens of eternity because all His plans affect eternity. You must look past here and now to consider how your assignment will ripple into the hereafter. You may see your assignment as small or insignificant. You may even think you have been cheated. 

But could it be that your assignment from the Lord is more significant and more purposeful, more sacred, and more holy than you could possibly imagine? Could it be, that through your assignment the eternal destinies of a myriad of people will be changed because you’re faithful to your assignment? Could it be that you will not see the impact of your assignment until you enter your heavenly home? 

Don’t count your assignment as insignificant or measure its value through a temporal lens, for then you will not see clearly. Look at it through the eyes of God who doesn’t waste the impact of one person whom He has created. All His children have important assignments—all of them. There is not one person who doesn’t matter—including you. 

The grace of God, and His unmerited favor teaches us that every God-given assignment is important because we are daughters, we are sons, and God doesn’t give His children assignments that are unimportant. 

“But when God, who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me by his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son in me so that I might preach him among the Gentiles, my immediate response was not to consult any human being” (Galatians 1:15-16).


Lord, I may not always be able to see the impact of the assignment you have given me. I may not be able to see the impact of my gifts. But I must trust that you have made me how you have made me for a reason and all you make is good. I trust you with the outcome of the good works you have given me to do. My only job is to be faithful. I praise you, Jesus. Amen.


Choose one sentence that stood out to you from this devotional. Write it on a sticky note and meditate on it today.

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