May 13, 2016


Colossians 1

16: You Are a Magnificent Creation!

Colossians 2

2: Understanding Grows Trust

2-3: Real Net Worth

6-7: Soul Care

8,23: Filling a Moral Vacuum

13-15: Compelling Cross

17: Reality Check

23: Career Challenges

Colossians 3

1-3: We Become What We LoveDelight in Decluttering Our Lives

2: A Healthy Mindset, Responsive Heart

3-4: Identity Crisis

5: Wisdom from a Friend

9-10: Success in Self-Forgetfulness, Fixing Leaky Faucets

12: Dressed for Success

13: When Someone Sins Against You, Extra Grace Required

13-14: Value Virtue

15: Peace and Comfort Amid Pain and Uncertainty

16: Attitude of Gratitude, Rich Living, Thankful Soil Grows Humility

17: One Day at a Time

23-24: I Work for the LordOne Sentence Job Description, The Most Productive Work (part one of two), The Most Productive Work (part two of two)

Colossians 4

6: Argue Well, Maybe It’s Not a Good Idea to Post That Post

12: Pray Hard

12-13: Prayer is Work