May 13, 2016


Colossians 1

16: You Are a Magnificent Creation!

21-23: Do Not Move On

24: The Way of Surrender

24-27: A Hidden Mystery

26-27: Abiding in LOVE (part 2 of 3)

Colossians 2

2: Understanding Grows Trust

2-3: Real Net Worth

5: Shoulder-to-Shoulder

6-7: Soul Care

8: The Power of Agreements

8,23: Filling a Moral Vacuum

13-15: Compelling Cross, Jesus Paid It All

17: Reality Check

23: Career Challenges

Colossians 3

1-3: We Become What We LoveDelight in Decluttering Our Lives, Delight in a Decluttered Life

2: A Healthy Mindset, Responsive Heart

3-4: Identity Crisis

4: Jesus Christ Your Life

5: Wisdom from a Friend

9-10: Success in Self-Forgetfulness, Fixing Leaky Faucets

12: Dressed for Success, Humility and Holiness

13: When Someone Sins Against You, Extra Grace Required, Rebuilding Trust After Relational Hurt

13-14: Value Virtue

15: Peace and Comfort Amid Pain and Uncertainty

16: Attitude of Gratitude, Rich Living, Thankful Soil Grows Humility

17: One Day at a Time, Fully Grateful

23-24: I Work for the LordOne Sentence Job Description, The Most Productive Work (part one of two), The Most Productive Work (part two of two), Experiencing Joy in Your Work, Productive Work (part one of two), Productive Work (part two of two), Whatever You Do

Colossians 4

2: Daily Care

5: Make the Most of the Time

6: Argue Well, Maybe It’s Not a Good Idea to Post That Post

10-11: A Welcoming Life

12: Pray Hard

12-13: Prayer is Work