November 2, 2023

Make the Most of the Time

Written by Tripp Prince

Wisdom is found in the intentional numbering of our days and the daily pursuit of godly living.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – November 2, 2023

Act wisely toward outsiders, making the most of the time. Colossians 4:5, CSB

It is far too easy to be lulled into the trap of thinking we have an infinite amount of time to do all the things we want to do. With modern advances in healthcare, we convince ourselves that life will go on and on, that there’s a treatment for every condition, and time is a resource that can always be renewed. Yet in our heart of hearts, we know this to be a convenient delusion, one that distracts us from the reality of our world and the brevity of our lives. 

Wisdom is not found in ignoring this truth, but in the intentional numbering of our days and the daily pursuit of godly living.

This begins by taking nothing for granted, not even the breath you just breathed. Think for just a moment of the miracle that is our existence. In the countless billions of people that have come and gone on this earth, you and I are here, alive and encountering the wonder of God’s creation as living, breathing beings. This alone should move our hearts to respond in gratitude and praise! However, the gift of life bears with it a duty and responsibility. Our wisdom is not simply to please the Lord or for our own sake, but is tied to our shared witness to the new life in Christ. Wisdom has an evangelistic call, and so we act wisely toward outsiders, revealing in word and deed the way of Christ that brings hope and purpose where previously all that was known was personal indulgence and the endless pursuit of pleasure. 

As Paul reminds us, this way of intentional living shouldn’t be heavy-handed or forced upon outsiders, nor should we carry it as a burden or source of guilt. This way of life is gracious (Colossians 4:6), an encouragement (Colossians 4:8), and defined by maturity and assurance (Colossians 4:12). In short, it flows from the life of Christ and therefore carries with it the aroma of the Kingdom! This is life as it is truly meant to be lived, not the substitutes that we so often accept as the real thing.

So today, ask the Lord to give you an awareness of your actions and eyes to see how your choices impact others, both positively and negatively. Pray for the wisdom to know when to speak and when to hold your tongue. And cultivate a rhythm of self-examination at the end of the day, asking yourself questions such as “When did I see the Lord at work in my life today?” or “What moments in my day lacked the wisdom and care for others to which I aspire?” 

Though small and simple, these intentional questions and prayerful acts of faithfulness are essential if we are to succeed in making the most of the time we’ve been given!


Father, help us to number our days and live faithful lives that point others to the goodness and mercy that is found in you, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Consider a nightly rhythm of self-examination, looking for concrete ways to grow in a life of wisdom and intentionality.

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