May 14, 2019

A Healthy Mindset

Written by Shana Schutte

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – May 14, 2019

Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2

In 2014, I became a part of a blended family when I married for the first time at age 46. Before I tied the knot with my husband, I faced some moments of grief when I realized that my life was not turning out the way I dreamed—and it never would.

I wouldn’t birth children, marry young, and spend years raising a family. I wouldn’t go to little league games, school plays, or attend little girl tea parties. I wouldn’t know what it was like to go through my twenties and thirties with a mate. I would never have a biological mother-daughter or mother-son relationship. Nope. My white picket-fence life wasn’t going to happen.

While this saddened me, there were wonderful experiences waiting for me on the other side of the altar that I hadn’t even thought about. One of those experiences was becoming a grandma. I was so focused on blending with my bonus kids that the thought of such a joy hadn’t even crossed my mind.

But two years ago, one of my delightful bonus daughters announced she was pregnant with a little boy—and I cried tears of joy. Then, even before that little bundle was born, I decided to love Hudson as my own. He is my grandson, after all. God ordained it. And to prove it, I am doing all the things grandmas do, such as asking total strangers in the airport, “Can I show you a picture of my grandson?”

Not too long before his birth while on a walk, I lamented that Hudson wouldn’t look anything like me, the way that some children resemble their grandparents. I was talking with the Lord about this and a quiet thought came to me: “No, but he will look like Me.”

In that moment the Lord revealed to me that my blessing is not that I am the blood relative of anyone in my family. And my greatest gift isn’t that anyone looks like me. My greatest blessing is that my loved ones know Christ, and the greatest gift I have to offer is to point those I love to Jesus—including my grandson.

The most important thing I can do for Hudson is to view my relationship with him in light of eternity. How will my life affect his life here and now so his life is positively affected in the then and there?

So many times, we get caught up in the temporary, when the Lord wants to give us an eternal perspective. Our challenge is to see our situation from his viewpoint and not our own.

Your story may not have turned out the way that you imagined. But God has a plan to use your experience for eternal good—and what has happened has not caught him by surprise. Therefore, you can experience great joy as you serve Him, do his will, and love the way that he wants you to love. In this, you can make an eternal impact that will last forever.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you (Matthew 6:33).


Lord, thank you that you see the beginning from the end and that you have a plan for my life that is good, favorable, and filled with joy. Help me to always be looking for you in every circumstance, even those that are disappointing. Help me to look at my life through the lens of eternity. Amen.


Praise God for how He can use every circumstance in your life for eternal glory.

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Titus 2:12-13; 1 Peter 1:13-15; 2 Thessalonians 3:5

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