May 13, 2016


Joshua 1

2: Time for Transition

7-9: Courageous Fathers

9: Courage Not Fear, Courage not CowardCourage Comes As We GoCourageous Leadership for the New Year, God Is With You, Take Courage. I Am Here!

Joshua 6

18: Devoted Things

Joshua 7

10: Stand Up

Joshua 9

14: Seek God First

Joshua 13

1: Retirement: Not So Fast!, Expanded Vision

Joshua 14

10-12: Repurposed to Serve

11-12: Repurposed to Serve Not Retired to Be Served

12: Ripe Old Age

Joshua 20

1-2: Safe Environments

Joshua 22

3: Mission Accomplished

29: Clarify and Explain

Joshua 24

15: The Spiritual Leader, Household of Faith, Culture of FaithExclusive Allegiance to The Lord, Praying Dads, Spiritual Leadership at Home, Praying Dads, A Dream Family is Intentional