April 30, 2017

Clarify and Explain

Written by Boyd Bailey

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – April 30, 2017

Far be it from us to rebel against the LORD and turn away from him today by building an altar for burnt offerings, grain offerings and sacrifices, other than the altar of the LORD our God that stands before His tabernacle.    Joshua 22:29

Be willing to give an explanation for your actions because good people may have interpreted your right behavior in a wrong light. There has been a misunderstanding of motive and you need to take the initiative to clear up the confusion. Now is the time to over-communicate. So where you have been wrong, make it right, and where you have been right, make it clear. There is no need to degrade your defense into a war of words. Just state the facts and trust God with the results. Maybe your accusers are inaccurately associating your situation with an experience in their past. The emotions may be similar, but your circumstances are totally different.

Help your critics understand the context of your condition and explain that you are present to assist, not to obstruct. You may have to prove yourself before you are trusted. There will always be people who misunderstand or are threatened by your good deeds. You may find yourself serving without the accolades of people to help bolster your efforts. This will reveal your true motives. Are you serving for the pleasure of the Lord or are you serving to please people? God is there to encourage you when you feel estranged from everyone.

The Bible says, “The LORD upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down” (Psalm 145:14).

God is in control, and He will right any wrongs in His time. Trust that He will heal any harm inflicted on your reputation. He can and He will restore your good standing in the community. The fiery darts of unfair criticism do sting severely and they elicit your rage, but allow the Holy Spirit to check your flesh and hold you back from being the greater fool.

Foolish is the man or woman who flails back at their accusers with the harsh venom of vindication. Instead, be patient and allow Jesus to be your advocate. He will drive home your point with divine determination. The truth will prevail. It is your calm reaction that contributes to a positive perception. It is through humility of heart and a cool head that calamity ceases.

The Psalmist declared, “You save the humble but bring low those whose eyes are haughty” (Psalm 18:27).

You are in a position to reach out with an olive branch, so do everything you can to shore up the relational breach. Seek to understand why your friend’s feelings are warping his words and clouding his thinking. Do not focus on winning the debate; stress instead the sovereignty of God and His goodness. He is in control, and He wants to give good things to His children. He can be trusted with this, so do the best you can, and then watch Him work. Allow prevailing prayer to puncture any building pressure, for Christ can defuse an explosive environment. Walk with Him in constant surrender, be earnest in your explanation to others, and then patiently trust God. Clarify and explain, and then trust your Divine Defender.

Christ is your life and He is your defense. “This is what your Sovereign LORD says, your God, who defends His people…” (Isaiah 51:22a).



Heavenly Father, I pray for humility and patience to take the time to calmly clarify and explain my word or actions that may have been misunderstood in Jesus’ name, amen.


Whom do I need to sit down with to bring clarity to our expectations?

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Jeremiah 29:11; Habakkuk 2:2; 2 Corinthians 8:5; Hebrews 5:11

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