May 13, 2016


Philippians 1

18-20: Full Courage

20-21: Learning to Live Like Jesus

23-26: Finding Joy in the Present

27: Striving Together

27-28: Recovering from a Life Injury, Worthy of the Gospel

Philippians 2

3: Becoming a Bonus Mom, 5 Traits of Great Leaders, How Not to Apologize

3-4: Value Others More3 Things I Appreciate About My HusbandHumility Values Others Above ItselfHow to Restore a Relationship When Trust is BrokenRadical Reorientation, Others Above Yourselves (Veterans Day)

3-5: Selfish Taking, Help Others Help Themselves

5: Imitation not Innovation

6-7: Downward Mobility

7-8: Becoming A Husband of No Reputation (Part One of Three)Becoming A Husband of No Reputation (Part Two of Three)Becoming A Husband of No Reputation (Part Three of Three), Humility With The Son

6-8: Humility Listens and Learns From Others, Humility Listens and Learns

7: Choose To Serve

9-11: Jesus – What A Powerful Name It Is

12-13: Work Out Your Salvation

17: Emptied for Another

27: Sick Unto Death

28-30: Relational Generosity

Philippians 3

4-7: Everyone Has a Story, Exhaustive Image Control, Image Control

6-7: Faith Over Fear

7: Who Are You?

7-8: Gain From Loss

10: Four Ways to Know God’s Will, Holy DesireBecoming Comfortable With The Uncomfortable, Fellowship of His Sufferings

10-11: Knowing God, Resurrection Life

13: Focused Leadership, Single Focus

13-14: Leaving the Past Behind in Christ

14: Keeping the Goal in Mind

16: Live What We Know

20: Kingdom Citizenship, Our Real Home in Heaven

20-21: There’s No Place Like Home

Philippians 4

1: Love and Long for Friends

3: When You Feels Unqualified

4: Choosing Joy

4-6: Moving From Sad To Glad

4-7: Free From Worry

5: Gentle Strength

6: When Someone You Love is Struggling

6-7: Trust not Worry, Bring Your Burdens to Jesus, How Gratitude Makes You Feel Blessed

8: Focus On The Greater Good, Marinate Your Mind With Truth, Values Alignment, The Only Good Way to Think About Anything

8-9: Start Doing List, Live a Good Life

11: Content to Trust in the Middle of Change

11-13: Secret of Contentment, Learning To Be Content

12: Gratitude and Contentment

12-13: Simplified LivingHappiness in the Middle of Messiness, Blessed Are The Flexible

13: When You Want to Give Up Before You Start, Beyond My Capacity, When God Calls You, He Will Qualify You, Working to Please Him

19: A Funny Story About How God Provides, Comparison Highjacks Gratitude, God’s Extravagant Generosity