May 13, 2016


Isaiah 1

2: Rebellious Children

4: Allegiance to God

23: What Do You Run After?

Isaiah 2

2-3: United not Divided: Hopeful Prayers for God’s Kingdom, Hoping for the Kingdom

3: Let Us Go Up The Mountain

Isaiah 6

1: Eyes on God

1, 8: Bigger Than Life

8: Bold Going

Isaiah 7

1: When You’re Surrounded

Isaiah 9

2: Hopeful Waiting

6: Lasting Peace, God’s Gift of Peace, The Prince of Peace

Isaiah 10

20: Lean on the Lord

Isaiah 11

1-3: Spiritual Resources

Isaiah 12

2-3: Total Trust, Total Trust In God

4: A Grateful Nation

6: Ring Out Your Joy

Isaiah 16

3: Be Decisive

Isaiah 25

6: After Easter Hope

8: Sorrow Removed

Isaiah 26

1-6: How Can Our Nation Find God’s Purpose and Peace?, God Makes a Nation Great

3: A Beautiful MindClear Minded, A Focused Mind

3-4: Peaceful Trust, Perfect PeacePerfect Peace From the Prince of Peace

18-19: Die In The Lord

Isaiah 27

2-3: A Well-Watered Garden

Isaiah 29

19: Gratitude Develops Humility

Isaiah 30

15: Disciplined Leaders Become Fluent in Silence, the Language of God, Fluent in the Language of Silence

15,18: Silence is the Language of God

21: The Richness of Being a Single Adult, God Will Unfold Your Purpose One Step at a Time

Isaiah 32

18: Peaceful Rest in a Restless World

Isaiah 35

8: Holy Friends

Isaiah 38

1: Set Your House in Order

19: Faithful Fathers

Isaiah 40

1: True Comfort

9-11: Up the Mountain

29: Renewed Thinking

30-31: Eternal Energy

31: Strengthened by Waiting, When You Wonder Why God Hasn’t Answered Your Prayers, Walk and Not Faint, Soar not Strive, Walking Through Our Suffering

Isaiah 41

9-10: Leave Everything in God’s Hands

10: Three Reasons Not to be Fearful, Seeing God In The Storm, When He’s Hidden, He’s Still There, You Are His Very Own, He Will Carry You Through, Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

13: Overcoming the Power of Fear

Isaiah 42

1: That’s Not Fair!

3: Encouragement for Those Times When Your Faith is Small

Isaiah 43

13: Appreciate the Past

18-19: New Normal, The Author of Change

19: Restored by God, You Can’t Be Who You Are Without Being Who You Were

Isaiah 46

4: Grow Old Together

Isaiah 47

10: Knowledge Obesity

Isaiah 48

17: He Wants to Make Your Path Straight

17-18: The Way You Should Go, Make a Start

Isaiah 49

13: Comfort and JoyA God Hug

14-15: Not Forgotten

15: Wisdom From a Friend

16: Heaven’s Handprints, God’s Handprints Are On Your Life, Handled By Love

23: Dealing With Disappointment

Isaiah 50

4: God’s Instruction Manual For Life

6: Suffering Savior

7: Freedom in Focus

54: God’s Instruction Manual For Life

Isaiah 52

7: Beautiful Savior

9: The Blessing of Breaking

12: Got Your Back

Isaiah 54

5: Single for God

Isaiah 55

1-2: Soul Satisfaction

3: Listen With Love

6: God is Near

8: Intuit God’s HeartRight Thinking, Deeper Love During Deep Uncertainty, Elevated Thinking

8-9: He’s in Control, Even When It Looks Like He Isn’t, That’s God’s Business!

9: Indefinable, Magnificent God

10-11: All His Promises Are Yes and Amen

10-12: Do You Promise?

Isaiah 58

7: Poor Choices

11: Emotional Satisfaction

Isaiah 60

15: Dark Times Don’t Define You

19: An Everlasting Light

Isaiah 61

1: Victory in Jesus

3: Healing and Restoration

7: Everlasting Joy

Isaiah 62

5: God is My Lover—He is Enough

Isaiah 64

8: Receiving Shaping from the Potter, When God Promotes You

Isaiah 65

17: With God It Gets Better

24: He Answers According to His Agape Love