September 27, 2010

Eyes on God

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- September 27, 2010

“In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple.” Isaiah 6:1

Kings and Queens rule for a season and then are deposed or die, but the Lord is alive and reigns eternal. The shepherds of God’s flock lead and care for the sheep, but occasionally even a pastor may stumble and fall. However, the Great Shepherd God is without sin and is always looking out for the least of His wandering flock. So, we look only at the Lord to secure our faith.

Did you have someone on a pedestal that has let you down by their immoral or fickle behavior? Has a Christian celebrity taken advantage of their freedom and power to exploit naïve and trusting followers? It’s when we place our expectations of a leader above the Lord that we set ourselves up for disappointment, even rejection of our faith.

Therefore, keep your eyes on Jesus, for He will never let you down. Look beyond the disappointments of sinful men and women, and set your gaze on the glory of God. He is the only one worthy of our worship and 100% loyalty and affection. He is high above hypocrisy and lifted up over lies and deceit. His throne is high and holy—trustworthy and true. Go to God in your grief over sinful acts disguised by religion. He heals hurting hearts.

The Lord will judge those who use their position of public trust to abuse their authority. “Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of my pasture!” declares the LORD” (Jeremiah 23:1). Those who represent God must genuinely submit to and obey God. There is a greater accountability for those who teach the word of God.

“Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly” (James 3:1).

Above all else, keep the eyes of your faith fixed on King Jesus, the ruler of your life. His crown of compassion glistens with glory. His scepter of selfless love dispenses endless decrees of grace and mercy. His righteous robe of holiness causes us to bow down in awe and fear of His judgment. While the angels praise Him, you adore Him. Fix your eyes on the eternal. Today you see the unseen by faith, but that day you will see Him face to face.

“See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones” (Jude 1:14b).

Are my eyes set on the clay feet of men or on the unchanging truths of Christ?

Related Readings: Psalm 25:15; 123:2; 141:8; Hebrews 12:14; Revelation 4:8

Boyd Bailey is the author of Wisdom Hunters daily devotional and two devotional books, Infusion and Seeking Daily the Heart of God


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