February 11, 2017

Love is not envious

Written by Boyd Bailey

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – February 11, 2017

It does not envy    1 Corinthians 13:4

Love is not envious. It celebrates the good fortune of others and smiles when someone succeeds because love is an envy eraser. It can’t wait for someone else to reach their goals and get the attention and accolades, for it is emotionally secure and mature. Love does not depend on the “desire to get” for contentment, because its contentment rests with Christ. It is content knowing that God “rains on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew 5:45). God’s grace and blessing cannot be figured out or bottled in a formula, for He withholds or gives His blessing at His discretion. Love understands this and is not envious of those who are lavishly blessed by the Lord.

Christ, of course, has established principles that, if obeyed, lead to blessing (Psalm 119:1-2). If you obey your parents, you will be blessed by their wisdom, experience, and love. If you follow the laws of the land, you will be free from serving a prison term or paying fines. God’s truth can be applied and benefited from by both believers and unbelievers. His ways work; so don’t get worked up when the wicked succeed. Success in life is an option for anyone who implements the principles embedded in God’s Word.

Therefore, choose to ignore envy and its dead-end road that results in comparison and disappointment. Envy attracts the immature, the insecure, the greedy, and the faithless. Comparison with people is an incubator for envy. Instead, reserve your comparisons for the character of Christ and be comfortable with yourself. Your personality, your looks and your gifts are from God, so be who God created. Love is content to be God’s unique creation. Envy looks at the stuff of others and salivates for the same. Envy wants to get, while love wants to give. It wants a woman’s smooth skin, a man’s car, or wealth’s options. Love overcomes these sometimes surreal and selfish desires by finding contentment in Christ. Therefore, go to Jesus, your Savior, for security, love, and affection. Seek the affirmation of Almighty God in place of the acquisition of stuff.

Love is well versed in congratulating by making milestones into big deals. Love takes time to revel in the moment of accomplishment and looks for reasons to recognize the good in others. For example, completed projects, anniversaries, and birthdays are celebrated as a team. A sure remedy for envy is giving. Love gives sincere compliments, money, credit and time, and it gives the benefit of the doubt. Love’s generosity deflates envy’s influence. Wish well those who have done well and be grateful to God for their good fortune.

A mature man or woman is motivated to excellence by those who have achieved. Love those who succeed, and recognize their achievements. Promote your protégé or be glad for the success of your ex-spouse. Learn from, don’t loathe, your competition. Love your enemies (Luke 6:35) and pray for them, and love those who forgot you after you helped them succeed. Envy leads to a life of discontentment and sorrow, but love is Christ-centered, content, and joyful. Envy has no place for a person who lavishly loves God and people.



Heavenly Father, give me the grace to celebrate another’s good fortune.


Who can I throw a party for that has accomplished a milestone in their life?

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