October 15, 2020

Learning to Unplug

Written by Tripp Prince

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – October 15, 2020

Jesus said to his disciples: I tell you not to worry about your life! Don’t worry about having something to eat or wear. Life is more than food or clothing. Look at the crows! They don’t plant or harvest, and they don’t have storehouses or barns. But God takes care of them. You are much more important than any birds. Can worry make you live longer? If you don’t have power over small things, why worry about everything else? Luke 12:22-26 (CEV)

As I write these words, my house is filled with groceries and packed bags, all awaiting my completion of this devotional so they can be loaded in the van as we head off for a week of vacation at the beach. In true 2020 fashion, our “summer” beach trip is now taking place in October! In working through our to do list, I realize that I have (miraculously) completed all work-related tasks that lie before me for the week. As such, I have a decision to make that I’ve been debating all morning. Do I bring my laptop or leave it behind?

Silly as it may sound, this has been quite a deliberation within my spirit. Though I am caught up and do not have an immediate need for it, the thought of the yet-unknown need is ever present, as well as the fear of missing out on some important message or task that might need my immediate attention. Yet even as I say this, I see the folly contained within this worldview. To be constantly “on” is to fail to truly rest in the provision and protection of God. It is running so as to always grow weary, and we are so accustomed to this way of life that we accept weariness, burn out and fatigue as a normal and unavoidable rhythm of everyday life!

Yet what if our Lord imagines for us a different way? A better way? With his words from Luke 12 on my heart, I heard him speak a version of this parable to me today. “Look at your children! They have neither jobs, nor laptops, nor smartphones, yet they are neither overcome by anxiety or afraid of falling behind. Their hearts are instead overcome with joy and delight at the prospect of undistracted time at the beach as a family. Will you enter into my joy that is found in them?”

Once again, we are reminded of the necessity of childlike faith. Of a faith that rests so completely in the goodness and mercy of God that we are free from fear, worry, and the need to bear the weight of the world upon our shoulders. Hard as it may be, learning to truly unplug and be present to God and those around you will teach us to live by the holy rhythms of God’s grace.

I could go on, but I believe it is time to pack the van, and difficult as it may be, time to shut the computer down.


Father, remind us that all of our days are in your hands, and that we can rest and unplug knowing that we are upheld by your perfect love. Amen.


When is the last time you truly unplugged for more than 24 hours? If you struggle to answer that question, it might be time to do so!

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  1. Ken McAfee says:

    Awesome! My wife and I are working on doing this on a daily basis. We have both agreed that we are spending too much time even doing church stuff- looking up scripture, planning events, etc, and we are missing the very moments that GOD has given us. Jesus took time even when he was going on a mission to stop and minister to people. I can just hear the disciples saying “come on we have deadlines to meet we must go”. I think we must unplug daily then we will not have second thoughts about leaving the computer at home and believe me I struggle with the same thoughts you do.
    Walk Worthy!

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