July 28, 2022

Give It Time

Written by Tripp Prince

Rewarding careers, intimate relationships, and lifelong friendships are forged in the fire of faithfulness.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – July 28, 2022

I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry. Psalm 40:1, ESV

I recently completed the “Great American Summer Road Trip” with my family, travelling roughly 2,500 miles in our van as we explored the Great Lakes of Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Though there were many awe-inspiring moments, we all agreed that Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising, Michigan, (literally) stood above them all. With cliffs that reach 200 feet in height, these majestic formations are truly a sight to see.

As we explored these cliffs in great depth during our guided tour, the boat captain was quick to point out that these natural wonders were not created overnight. Instead, small and subtle changes to the surrounding area combined with the slowly receding glacier to create Lake Superior and its surrounding cliffs over the course of countless thousands of years. Only with the gift of time could something so beautiful and intricate come into being.

This patient formation of cliffs, arches, and caves speaks prophetically into our “instant” society. We as a people are easily distracted, quickly demotivated, and rush to the next great thing when a challenge or hurdle presents itself. And yet, I wonder as I reflect upon these ancient rocks, what we may be missing when we fail to stay the course and patiently work in the field the Lord has given to us, no matter how tedious or repetitive it may seem. 

Rewarding careers, intimate relationships, and lifelong friendships are forged in the fire of faithfulness. As my parents used to tell me daily as a child, “patience is a virtue.” A virtue, indeed, and one that you and I would be wise to cultivate daily, for it holds the secret to a life well lived and a story worth telling. This vision of slow growth and patient progress is a lifelong commitment, not only for yourself, but for your friends, family, and those that come after you. Give yourself to a multi-generation project that is entirely dependent upon the strengthening power of God, and work daily toward that good and holy end!


Father, teach me to wait patiently, trusting you with the results, and believing that you are at work in my life and shaping me more and more into a living testimony of your faithfulness and grace, through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.


What areas of your life most require patience and the need to reframe your daily routines in light of the slowly growing story God is telling?

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