January 20, 2008

Wisdom From A Friend…Accountability Group Agenda

Written by Boyd Bailey

My son-in-law Todd Coons and four of his friends meet monthly for accountability. Below is a good outline to follow as you are developing your own accountability group. I joined an accountability group 8 years ago and it has been a great value in keeping my life encouraged and accountable. Enjoy! Boyd

Men’s Breakfast – Accountability Group
2008 Outline
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another
Proverbs 27:17

Purpose of Group:

To productively build relationships and community, and to participate in prayer, encouragement, and accountability with other men in the small group Bible study.

Frequency / Setting of Group:

Meet for breakfast once a month at same agreed upon location and time, unless another time and place has been designated. Each man will be responsible for his own breakfast payment.

Structure of Group Time:

I) Begin with relational time, general hang out, and breakfast order

II) Open in prayer, person leading/facilitating time opens or appoints another to lead

III) Discuss the following three questions, each on a major aspect of a man’s life. Take time for each guy to answer briefly:

1) Relationship with God: What is God most teaching you these days?

2) Relationship with wife/ family: What are you learning from your family?

3) Relationship with work: What is your number one issue at work?

IV) Discuss topic of the month – Either decided in advance, or a pertinent topic that is brought up by members of the group during question answer/discussion time.

V) Close time in prayer, again person leading/facilitating time closes or appoints another to lead

Group General Guidelines:

1) Everything discussed in the group is to remain confidential, unless otherwise specified.
2) Each participant does not have to answer questions or participate in topics in which they do not feel comfortable.
3) Group members will take turns facilitating the prayer and discussion time.
4) Group members will be asked to make maintaining consistent attendance, though not binding, a priority in their lives. Commitment will be made on a semester by semester basis to follow church calendar.

Future ideas for group:

Blueprint for Life – Life planning and coaching system

Man in the Mirror – Patrick Morley

Love and Respect – Emerson Eggerichs

Conformed to His Image – Ken Boa

Every Man’s Battle – Arterburn / Stoeker

Captivated – John and Stasi Eldridge

Experiencing God – Henry Blackaby

Perfect Leader – Ken Boa

Visioneering – Andy Stanley


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