July 24, 2020

Who is My Neighbor (Part Two of Two)

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – July 24, 2020

By Guest Writer: Jill Foley Turner

The man wanted to justify his actions, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor? Luke 10:29

So … who are our neighbors? Who are these vulnerable people, and what can we do for them?

We’ll let the Bible answer these questions. We encourage you not to pick and choose from the list below but to read it all slowly. Pray as you do, that God will make his heart, and yours, clear to you.

Widows and orphans

NCF has many charities that support widows and orphans. Could this be how you help? Or maybe you find an elderly person near you who is in isolation and slip an encouraging note under the door or in the mailbox.

The oppressed (those in need of justice)

In times of crisis, someone, some individual, some group of people, someone will undoubtedly be mistreated. Wherever it is within your power to bring justice, do it. Micah says God requires it.

Sojourners (immigrants and refugees)

Each of us is called to obedience to God above all else (Matthew 6:33, 22:37-39), and Jesus says that when you show kindness to strangers you’re actually showing kindness to him. Look to find ways you can obey God’s Word to love the vulnerable people from foreign countries as yourself.

The persecuted and the prisoner

For some of us, this will mean continued involvement with prison ministries we support financially or as volunteers. Maybe others will feel God calling them to write letters to encourage prisoners and seek other creative ways to use what they have to help.

The hungry

If God has put thoughts about helping the hungry on your mind, we encourage you to log in to your NCF Fund and check out some of the charities you can help.

And in the end ….

Whether you give a donation or show up in person to serve, God will see the good you do in his name. As you seek to protect the vulnerable, become a voice for the helpless, or even save lives, we pray these verses will serve as encouragement to keep doing the good work you are doing or inspire you to a new work as God directs. May God bless all of you who are serving the vulnerable and keep you safe and healthy to continue in the plans he has for you.


Heavenly Father, lead me to love my neighbors well, in Jesus’ name, amen.


What annoying neighbor do I need to make an extra effort to have in my home?

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