December 27, 2014

Trust Overcomes Fear

Written by Boyd Bailey

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – December 27, 2014

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

Fear engages in an ongoing assault on our heart and mind. If left unchecked, fear can whip our imagination into an anxious frenzy. Though only an ounce of what we fear may come to pass, we tend to give it a ton of attention. It is madness when we are overcome by fear. It may be the fear of death that dilutes our faith; It may be the fear of failure that drives us to control; It may be the fear of rejection that keeps us from speaking up; It may be the fear of financial ruin that refrains us from risk-taking; It may be the fear of divorce that shatters our dreams of a fulfilling family; It may be the fear of losing a job that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Though any number of fears may preoccupy our thinking, we are not alone.

Jesus walks with us through our valleys. He may not deliver us out of the valley, but He most certainly does not abandon us in the valley. He walks with us through the valley of doubt; He walks with us through the valley of shame; He walks with us through the valley of transition; He walks with us through the valley of disease; He walks with us through the valley of the shadow of death. Our fear, many times, is but a shadow of Satan’s. It seems like reality, but it is not. It is but a reflection of the evil one. So we have no need to fear because our heavenly Father casts His long light of love. A shadow assumes a light.

Therefore, the light of Christ is there to guide us through the shadows of our soul. Death stands next to our life’s path and attempts to cast a shadow, but the light of heaven guides our way. We trust Jesus and overcome fear. We trust the Lord with the known and unknown. There may be consequences from relational baggage that we still unpack from our past. This is fruit from foolish choices for which we must take responsibility and trust God. Good can still come out of unwise actions, but good is gained as we regain our trust in Christ. In our valleys, we can forget our faith and be consumed by our fears or we can slow down and let the Lord love us through this time of loss.

No amount of pain can separate you from the love of God. Pain may be smothering your soul, but do not give up on God. Immerse yourself in the Psalms where David practically drowns in doubt, but by faith, wisely lifts an arm to the Lord. No one suffers well alone. It is with the Almighty and the prayers of others that we make it through. So go to Christ for comfort. His tools of trust invite us. He repairs our broken spirit with His rod and His staff. He comforts our crushed heart with His caring touch. At the very least, the Lord will bring clarity to your confusion. Saturate your soul with truth, and you will flush out your fears. Trust Him as you face your fears, whether of death or life.

Trust in Christ is a bridge to His comfort. Above all else, trust in the Lord overcomes fear.

Taken from the December 27th reading in Seeking Daily the Heart of God v.1…

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  1. Diane says:

    This message is so timely for reflection of all the ways Jesus walked with each of us during our past year’s experiences. And what a refreshing concept to remember as we anticipate the New Year! Thank you, Boyd

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