April 29, 2012

Trouble Makers

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- April 29, 2012

The trouble he causes recoils on himself; his violence comes down on his own head. Psalm 7:15

Troublemakers tend to self-destruct. There is no need to get worked up over their acts of deception. They are dishonest. They lie when the truth will suffice. The harm they intend to inflict on others comes back to hurt them. Troublemakers attempt to discredit those they are jealous of, and in the process, discredit themselves. Troublemakers conceive elaborate plans with evil intent. It is all about them and their agenda. They can easily tell you one thing and do another. With delight, they can push your buttons to get what they want. With a straight face, they can make up stories to embolden their position. Their deception is a means to an end. In their mind a good outcome justifies a polluted process. It doesn’t matter how they get to the goal as long as they reach the goal.

Beware of troublemakers but do not urge them on with too much attention. Keep an eye on them, but do not be consumed by them. Stand up to them in the right spirit without crushing their spirit. They are totally insecure and fearful, afraid to admit their insecurities. Because their acceptance is based on performance, they are always looking for ways to impress others. They miss the point that they are totally and unconditionally accepted in Christ. He is our stability for security. It is not what we do that keeps us secure; it is who we are and whose we are. In Christ we have all we need. We do not have to impress others; we just need to be who we are in Him. The fruit of the Spirit will do the talking for us. People are impressed with follow-through, not fancy false promises.

Trust God with troublemakers. You are not their judge and jury. He can handle them in His timing and in His way. We have our own sins to confess and repent of on a regular basis. Our sins may not be as blatant, but they are still present. We may not sin in as pronounced a manner as a troublemaker; nonetheless we still struggle with dishonesty and deception. It may be on a smaller scale, but we still weigh in as ones who struggle with being troublemakers. So let’s contrast the life of a troublemaker by being a blessing maker. Let’s be a blessing instead of a curse. Let’s extend consolation instead of consternation. Let’s focus on giving instead of taking. Let’s be a solace instead of a pain. Let’s serve instead of being served. Let’s encourage instead of discourage. Kill them with kindness, and watch God turn their hearts toward Him.

Furthermore, pray for troublemakers to trust God. Pray they will offer Him their lives for His glory. Replace gossip with prayers to God on their behalf. At the right time and in the right way, help them understand their destructive ways. Otherwise, they will destroy themselves. They prepare destruction for themselves by preparing themselves for destruction. Be a catalyst of Christ’s to guide them away from this path of self-destruction. Be willing to spend money on a coach who can give them objective feedback and a reality check. But do everything out of love and respect in the context of your relationship. Give them the respect they never had, and they may begin to respect themselves. God’s grace can change troublemakers into blessing makers. We are proof.

Taken from Reading #4 in the 90-day devotional book, “Seeking God in the Psalms”… http://bit.ly/bQHNIE

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  1. Tonia says:

    Thank you for this teaching. I’m a victim of a troublemaker. As a student of the Bible I have not taken this perspective into consideration. Especially since the troublemaker is a Christan. My focus has been on the hurt inflicted & the thought that I don’t understand the God that he serves. But, I do know the God that I serve, & in this lesson He is glorified. I needed to know this exceptional teaching. Thank you, Thank you

  2. EMJ says:

    Wow, I understand this perfectly as I have been the target of 2 trouble makers for quite some time now. I also see what I need to do! Some days are definitely harder than others because they won’t let up. Nice to have some Biblical guidance on how to handle.

  3. Catherine Wilson Meyer via Facebook says:

    Prior to reading this devotional I was reading … 1 Kings 7:21 ( The Message) He set the pillars up in the entrance porch to The Temple; the pillar to the south he named Security (Jachin) and the pillar to the north Stability (Boaz)….I stopped to mediate on those words ..security and stability…and I was so encouraged to read what todays devotional said….about Christ being our stability for security…my husband and I were talking in the car last night about how sometimes we needed to be reminded of whose we are and who we are…thanks so much for sharing this devotional.

  4. v.monica says:

    I’m so tired of workplace harassment . These two individuals let jealousy cloud their judgement and its stopping yhem from seeing the gifts God has for yhem. I had to threaten them with charges just to make them back off. I prayed for them to find peace in their lives. The supervisor even came down hard on me (one is her best friend) so verytime her friend complained she come at me like i did something wrong. This place talk about no tolerance at work. That’s the PostalService . Thanks for posting trouble makers I knew I was on the right track handing this over to God.

  5. TMW says:

    Thank you for this devotional! I am in a spiritual deceptive/harassment type situation. And I have been targeted for quite some time now with statements that I don’t fully understand. For example, “You need to go down.” The bible says, He gives us life and life more abundantly. And I hear something about a “spiritual divorce”. This one is new to me. Or I am just being ignorant. But I have been on my own since 18 years old. Now, I hear something about a “spiritual divorce”. Everywhere I go in Birmingham, people say or do things in the spiritual that reveals that I am being harassed. I need understanding and knowledge.

  6. Florene Colgan says:

    Your daily articles are terrific and I get to read and enjoy most of them.
    I just wanted to say that I liked your other format so much better, it seemed easier to read.
    Either way its is a blessing to all that read it.
    Continue to be both a blessing and blessed in the work of Jesus.

  7. Ann Thompson Coggins via Facebook says:

    This is so good. I wish we all could know and remember this….especially me. Everyday is a sunday school day when you know and love the lord!

  8. Tynesha Boomer via Facebook says:

    This is was the sermon today at church! When we view a group of people, whether they be a certain race or political party, as “trouble makers”, we need to “re-view” them from God’s perspective. We should encourage & pray for them! They need the love of Christ, too.

  9. Krissy says:

    I have been waiting to see God deal with my troublemakers. I have been viewed as weak because of my silence. I waiver between praying for them and trying to not be so hurt by them. If anything I have learned so much about myself. I was a people pleaser. Even though I did not always verbally judge others I did in my heart and that is what God sees. Doesn’t feel so good when others do it to us especially those that do not know the truth by act as if they do. Gossip is so destructive. Run from it.

  10. Krissy says:

    I feel your pain. Loving your enemy sure is a hard one.

  11. Boyd says:

    Thanks all for your thoughtful comments. I’m honored to seek wisdom along side of each of you. – Boyd

  12. Robyn says:

    This is an awesome message and can’t tell you how perfect your timing is on writing this topic. I thank God for you and your amazing faith and wisdom and willing to share it with others. The Lord speaks so loud and clear through you and your messages. God is so good!!! 🙂

  13. Kim says:

    WOW! This is a wonderful reminder some on how to deal with Trouble Makers. This is back up to Ephesians 6:12 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We have to look beyond the person and see the principalities, powers and rulers of darkness that are causing these “Trouble Makers”. This is a reminder for me to pray and not act on emotion! Thank you.

  14. brandy campbell says:

    such truth to this. its a harsh and bold reality that reminds me how i should act towards others. its so hard to do this at times.. but i hope i can be..

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