March 3, 2010

Do Not Fear

Written by Boyd Bailey

Do Not Fear… “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows”. Matthew 10:31

There is no need to fear, because your Heavenly Father is here. He is here to listen to your concerns. He is here to defeat the devil. He is here to heal your hurts. He is here to comfort you in a crisis. He is here to give you peace and encouragement. He is here to rebuke and correct you. He is here to give you wisdom. Your Father is here, so don’t fear.

He knows the details of your disappointments, like He knows how many hairs are on your head. You feel the stress of overwork and underpay, and you wonder if Christ will change your circumstances. He may not, at least for now, so continue to do your best and trust that in His timing He will provide. The Lord is never late.

Christ’s work is not always as convenient as we might want, but it is in the inconveniences of life that we learn to persevere. We sometimes lament that the labor is long and hard, but we can be grateful that we have the health and good fortune to work. God implores us to remain faithful during dark times, so we can be His shining light. He whispers words of admonishment to our heart, so we are able to speak with confidence His truth to tired and fearful friends.

How valuable are you to your Heavenly Father? What worth does He place on your life? If He knows and cares about the death of a sparrow, how many times more is He concerned about your cares? Embrace His interest in your body, soul and mind. The Lord’s appraisal of your life is not at a discount, but a premium. You can be sure that He sees tremendous value in you. So only fear not reaching your full potential for Him.

Have you deployed your gifts for God? You may say, “I did, but not now”. Why? If fear has frozen your faith, so that you have stopped attempting great things for God, let trust thaw out your inertia. Draw on the resources of heaven and your confidence will return. You are on assignment from Almighty God and His mission is very meaningful. Fear God, but don’t be afraid, because His will is where you walk in security and peace with Jesus.

What is the difference between fearing God and being afraid? What am I worth to God?

Related Readings: Isaiah 8:12; 41:10; John 12:42; 1 Corinthians 16:10

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