February 18, 2010

Without Warning

Written by Boyd Bailey

Without Warning… “Without warning, a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.” Matthew 8:24

Sometimes without warning we are surprised by fear. It may be a complication in your pregnancy or whispering at your company. All of a sudden without any “heads ups” your world is turned upside down. The storms of life bring suffering that seems unfair. So how do you respond when fear attacks your faith? What drives you, panic or prayer?

It is easy to forget that our faith in Christ is just as real and vibrant in calm circumstances, as in a crisis. It’s that feeling of losing control that we suffer from spiritual vertigo. We lose our bearings when the Lord seems distant and inattentive. However, we should not be surprised when we are invited to suffer. It is in our suffering that our Savior speaks clearly. Yes, He may be silent for a season, but you can expect Him to shout down dread.

Is your fear of insecurity based on bad belief? Are you paralyzed by the possibilities of what might go wrong? If so, money is not the ultimate answer. No amount of cash can soothe the soul that has to be in total control. We can create safe environments with our homes and bank accounts, but ultimately only Christ can control our circumstances. Anything is an idol if it substitutes for our devotion to God. He uses adversity to remove our idols.

Remember, the Lord is the pilot of your life and you are the co-pilot. It’s when we reverse the two that we strive and stress over issues that threaten our comfort and rob our joy. Therefore, cling to Christ in the storm and love Him intensely between hard times.

His calm in your turmoil is a summons to trust Him totally. Some will stay on the safe shore, but Jesus invites you to travel with Him through the tough times. He can prevent storms in your life, and He may, but in the meantime stay the course with Christ’s care. Prayerfully prepare for the raw elements of difficulty that will come without warning. Your Savior shows up–at just the right time–to make things right. So, trust His timing.

“And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Acts 2:21).

How can I best prepare for the storms of life? How can I incorporate Christ’s calm?

Related Readings: Psalms 78:65; Psalms 102:13; John 11:4; Acts 12:6

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