October 21, 2021

Stay Hungry

Written by Tripp Prince

Do not center upon fleeting pleasures and miss the invitation into a life of eternal fulfillment.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – October 21, 2021

Woe to you who are full now, for you shall be hungry. Luke 6:25a, ESV

Everywhere we look, our world is filled with the goodness and wonder of God. There are countless treasures to unearth and moments to savor, each bringing their own sense of joy and fulfillment as we walk through this life aware of the mercy and love of the Lord. And as good and wonderful as the riches of creation undoubtedly are, they bring with them a very real and present danger that must be resisted. 

It is possible to be so filled and content in this life that we lose sight of the end to which these riches point.

Every moment of delight, every taste of fulfillment, each is meant to point beyond itself to our true and final source of meaning and purpose. Without dismissing or rejecting the good gifts given by our good Lord, we must see them as windows and signposts, each pointing us to that ultimate home and final resting place. If we fail to do so, our lives will center upon fleeting pleasures and miss the invitation into a life of eternal fulfillment.

If we live every day filled to the brim, not only do we lose sight of our final destination, we fail to live in the present for the sake of others and their own growth in the way of the Lord. Though the Lord longs to satisfy our hunger, rightly understood, hunger can also be a great gift from God that in his wisdom he allows to be unfulfilled. Hunger keeps us active and alert. It motivates and animates our desires and imaginations. Wisdom is found in our ability to direct that energy, not simply towards our own personal fulfillment, but to find life and true purpose as we give our lives away in love for one another. 

And so, with eyes set on the coming kingdom of Christ, choose today to stay hungry for the good of others and the care of your own soul.


Father, remind us that every hunger we have finds its true fulfillment in you, and can draw us in the present into a life that embodies and shares the values of your kingdom. Amen.


In what areas of your life are you “full now,” failing to maintain an eternal perspective?

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