May 27, 2012

Stand Steadfast

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- May 27, 2012

In the Lord I take refuge. How then can you say to me: “Flee like a bird to your mountain.” Psalm 11:1

There is a time to stand steadfast and there is a time to flee. Make sure your motive for either is based on trust. Do not allow others to persuade you to run and hide when you need to stand and fight. Having faith in God may mean engaging in some uncomfortable activities. Don’t run off just because you are afraid of being roughed up. Anybody can leave, but trust in God implores you to stay. Be aggressive with your agitators. Let them know that you will not be intimidated by false promises or bad advice. Beware of people whose counsel sounds right, but is wrapped in selfish motivations. They may want you to move on so they can move in. Others vie for your power because they lust for its influence. So stand steadfast in your Savior. Trust Jesus with this temptation to flee.

One of Satan’s schemes is distrust. If he can get us to lose faith in our heavenly Father, he can influence our decision making with foolish thoughts. Satan is patient. He knows a little incremental doubt can lead to a large amount of distrust. Bad advice can be deceptive while looking good on the surface. It may even sound like your counselors have your best interest in mind. After all, with a tinge of sincerity, they communicate “worry” over your safety or your reputation. But in reality, they are really mocking you and God. Why would someone want you to run away from trusting God unless they had something in mind for themselves? This moment of decision is an opportunity for your faith to intersect with God’s faithfulness. If you run you will miss refuge in Jesus. Therefore stand steadfast.

Stability comes from standing steadfast with your Savior. Anybody can run and hide in the face of difficult people or challenging circumstances. Like the religious leaders who made fun of Jesus, some may say, “He trusts in God. Let God rescue him now if he wants him…” (Matthew 27:43). Some may blame God for the undeserved outcome they are experiencing. But this unfair criticism only emboldens a strong faith that stands steadfast. Of your critics, consider the source. Do their lives reflect total trust, or is their faith one of convenience?

Use this time of turmoil to trust the Lord even more. His calling has not changed. Stand steadfast. Stand steadfast in Him and you will stand steadfast in your marriage. Stand steadfast in Him, and you will stand steadfast in your vocation. Stead steadfast in Him, and you will stand steadfast in your purity. Stand steadfast in Him, and you will stand steadfast in your friendships. Stand steadfast in Him, and you will stand steadfast in your church. It is easy to leave when everyone else is fleeing from the carnage. Nevertheless, we are convicted to stand steadfast and trust Him, even if we are the last one standing. Even those we respect may run, but we remain ever vigilant. Stand alone with the Almighty. Others will return, and you will be there to graciously greet them. People need a rock of reason. Therefore, stand on the rock of Jesus for their sake.

Taken from Reading #7 in the 90-day devotional book, “Seeking God in the Psalms”…

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  1. Jan Smith says:

    Having faith in God, sometimes means engaging or having to stay in an not to comfortable place.
    I can’t and wont be fearful or intimidated by difficult people.” I will not run and hide!!” I will stand still, because I know he is God, and that’s the way it is. “Thanks you for your much needed words of encourage!”

  2. Billy says:

    Good word Boyd. I have recently overcome impossible odds against a pending divorce and threatening enemy’s by applying those methods. God must be sought early and first. We must repent of all known sin and throw ourselves on His mercy and grace
    He WILL respond. And then we need to thank Him early and often, even before we see the victory.

  3. Norma says:

    This came at the right time! I so needed to hear this ~ I am feeling so defeated but my faith will not let me stay there. I want to flee but my faith says stand! my spirit has been telling me for awhile now to stand and now is the time for me to stand on the word of God and my faith that the lord will walk with me and help me no matter what anything or anyone think they can do to me. STAND.

  4. Terria Wright says:

    I must admit! This is a powerful word today at just the right time. I was strongly considering leaving one way or the other, responsibly or irresponsibly, looking for fresh air and new beginnings in Christ.

    I would rather trust God!!!!!

  5. wendy says:

    Having a tough time plese enail you daily prays thanks

  6. Jackee says:

    I have been attending church for about 7 months now and am really digging into the word of god and reading and studying my bible…..This devotional came at the perfect timing…. i do however have an obstacle that I am needing some advice or rather some verses in the bible to turn to for advice and reason,,,,the father of my children left me two years ago and now is wanting to make amends and try for our family only that I have been intending to move two hours away and am at a halt on this decision I am scared to go because I am afraid I will lose him and I am wanting to move sooner than I planned just to see if he is really going to make the changes needed……..advice or scripture rather anyone can think of

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