August 9, 2011

Reflection of God

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- August 9, 2011

You are resplendent with light, more majestic than mountains rich with game. Psalm 76:4

Followers of Jesus are a reflection of Jesus. This is who we are. Just as the moon is a reflection of the sun, we are a reflection of the Son. God’s son shines through our soul and reveals Himself in our behavior. His beam of light blankets our life like the sun’s reflective rays on a sunbather exposed to a hot summer day. God created light (Genesis 1:3). He is our Lord and the Lord of light. He invites us to walk in the greater light of His love, not the lesser light of our lust. The light of His love longs to lead us into a portrait of His character. His passion is for us to be poster children of His grace. So focus on being like Jesus, and don’t be driven by doing for Jesus. People are drawn to a life that reflects the Lord. A reflector needs only to be in an optimal position to reflect.

When we are in right relationship with our heavenly Father we are right for reflection. All hindrances to bright lighting are destroyed when we stay surrendered to our Savior. He lights up a life that is submitted to Him. The lampshade of sin is removed when we confess to Christ our desperate dependence on Him. He handles our influence and effectiveness as we are positioned properly in Him. Because we are in Christ, we are in the light. We shine because our Savior shines through us, and His bountiful beams of light bounce off of our beautiful behavior. We should be translucent so that His light shines through us. Character allows the light of the Lord to reach into the darkest crevices of our world. You are the light of the Lord (Ephesians 5:8).

When we forgive, we reflect Jesus. When we care, we reflect Christ. When we cry over the condition of Christ-less souls, we reflect what our Lord experienced when He wept over the lost condition of His people (Luke 19:41-42). When we feed the hungry, cloth the naked, administer medical care to the sick, or house the homeless, we reflect Jesus. When we speak a word of encouragement, we reflect Christ. When we are kind instead of cross, we reflect Christ on the cross. When we give generously, we reflect God. When we build hospitals, schools, churches, or provide clean water, we reflect the Lord. When we are honest, kind, selfless, patient, loving, and good listeners, we reflect the Lord. When we are accountable and enforce accountability, we reflect Almighty God. When we take the time to lovingly speak truth, we reflect the Lord. When we fulfill our commitments, we reflect Christ. Reflecting God means we resolve to be who we are in Christ.

Lead others into the light of the Lord. Use your home to illuminate His love. Your home can become a little bit of heaven to those whose lives are a lot like hell. Invest time and money in those who cannot or will not give back. Orphans, single parents, the jobless, the homeless, homosexuals, adulterers, divorcees, and the poor all need the warmth of God’s love. Some find themselves in a Christ-less condition. They are cold and needy. They may feel God has forsaken them in their dark and depressed state. So reflect God to them. Be a responsible citizen in the Kingdom of light (Colossians 1:12).

Taken from reading #58 in the new upcoming (release date Labor Day) 90-day devotional, Seeking God in the Psalms.

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  1. Kim Leiter says:

    Hey thanks for your word today but I had a weird feeling in my spirit with the comment about not being driven by “doing for Jesus”. When Jesus himself was driven by compassion and “doing the will of his father in Heaven”. I believe that being in relationship with Jesus does drive you to be more than just a nice person or just a reflection and walking by people in need of physical and emotional healings. By doing for Jesus, I mean stepping out and praying for people wherever I am, I have seen miracles happen right in front of my eyes, but if I was never driven through relationship with him to do for him I would never see the signs and wonders that are supposed to follow the lives of those that believe. Mark 16:17 Normal Christianity is not what the traditional American View is right now!! Jesus said he came to earth to destroy the works of the devil so shouldn’t we DO? Isn’t it imperative? Kim

  2. Donna says:

    I really enjoyed this meditation today. So many ways to reflect Christ in our lives. Thank you for sharing…

  3. Marie says:

    Someimes we all are tested and triered to see what we are made of. Will we walk with Christ or Satan? At those times of serious situations or illnesses.

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