January 3, 2013

Promise Land Spirit

Written by Boyd Bailey

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- January 3, 2013

“But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.” Numbers 14:24

Naysayers suffer the spirit of defeat, while those who take God at His word enter into the promised land of spiritual victory. The giants in the land are made much larger with fear inflicted by Satan’s figments of the imagination. However, those led by the Spirit move forward by faith in search of God-size opportunities. There is no time for the devil’s drama, only determination to trust the Lord. The fulfillment of big ideas flow from a heart wholly committed to Christ.

The fearful majority become experts in eloquently explaining why you can’t accomplish extraordinary results with your ordinary faith. Their reasons resound from what man says, not what God has promised. If you listen to faithless voices you will lose faith, however, your confidence to continue overflows in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leadership. Your eyes of faith are not flawed for God gives you 20/20 vision to see His possibilities. Yes, trust in His promises!

“Do not rebel against the Lord. And do not be afraid of the people of the land, because we will devour them. Their protection is gone, but the Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them.” Numbers 14:9

If we disbelieve in the promise of God we forfeit the benefit of God. Disbelief leads to disobedience which is rebellion against the Lord. However, when we hid God’s promises in our hearts we can’t help but boldly follow Christ into the unknown. He promises peace that overcomes fear, so we are peaceful. He promises favor with our enemies, so we are trustful. He promises grace in our weakness, so we are energized to work. God’s promises give courage!

Is the Lord larger than your looming obstacles? Can Christ provide the relational and financial capital for your next big thing for Him? Yes and Yes! Your heavenly Father is waiting to give you advantages and open doors for His glory. Your character and willingness to serve and not sell yourself is a sword of sincerity in the Spirit’s hand. Once He gives you access into the promised land of opportunity, continue in humility. Fulfill His will and receive what He has promised.

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” Hebrews 10:36

Prayer: Heavenly Father, use me to go boldly to places You promised are good.

Related Readings: Joshua 14:8; Psalm 37:11; Acts 2:39; Hebrews 11:17; James 2:5

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  1. Sheri Wilburn says:

    Boyd, love the new devotional. Must admit, I’ve read well beyond the beginning already. Blessings.

  2. Boyd says:

    Thanks Sheri, I am so glad you are being blessed by volume 2 of Seeking Daily the Heart of God. It was a joy to write and seek to learn what the Lord has been teaching me. Have a wonderful year following Christ!

    A fellow servant of Jesus,


  3. Debbie says:

    I LOVE this devotional! The Lord gave me the word GO for my One Word focus for this year, and this says everything He keeps telling me. Thanks for writing this! I’m going to link to this post on my blog Saturday.

    Continued blessings to you for following where God has lead you.

  4. Keesha Bolt says:

    The word of God is always applicable to any and every situation in our entire lives as Christians! Thank You Father, Our God! I was just speaking to Evangelist Regina Thomas of Panama Mission/Restorative Hope Ministries about being obedient in faith, No matter what the situation looks like in the natural! Complete Faith! Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen! To God be all of the glory, and through Him, Wisdom Hunters will prosper in all areas, especially the winning of every soul that sets eyes on your written words of wisdom from the Gospel. Thank You!

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