March 30, 2024

Neither Slumber Nor Sleep

Written by Tripp Prince

There is never a moment when we are not under the Lord’s care.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – March 30, 2024

He will not let your foot slip—he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. Psalm 121:3-4, NIV

As a parent, I am deeply aware of the needs of my children. When they were younger, my energy was largely spent on their physical protection and sustenance, helping them navigate a world that was overwhelming and confusing in countless ways. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Play here. Don’t play there. Time to go to bed. Time to get up. As they’ve grown older, these basic directions of survival have largely been replaced by the emotional complexities of young adulthood, and while they can meet their physical needs on their own, they still look to me and my wife daily for direction and guidance in a meaningful and well-lived life. 

And as true as this is, and as strongly as I long to protect and care for them in every season, there are limits to my fatherly care. From a scraped knee to a broken heart, there are pains in this life that I cannot spare them from. Though I seek to be attentive to their every need, in truth, there are plenty of times that I am absent or distant as a parent, consumed by the cares and concerns of my own life that threaten to weigh me down, turning my focus fully upon myself and off of those I love. 

It is in moments such as these that I am reminded of the gentle fatherly care of the Lord. Though we, at times, are given glimpses of this care from our earthly parents, even the best mother or father will be flawed and come up short. They grow weary, forgetful, and wrestle with their own demons even as they seek to point you in the way that is straight and true. 

Yet God watches over us without fail. There is never a moment when we are not under his care and provision. His love is not diminished or dulled by the weariness of human frailty and decay. When we are weak, he is strong. When we are fearful, he is steadfast and true. And when we sleep, he is alert, standing guard, and caring for us with his perfect and all-powerful love.


Father, thank you for your watchful care and for keeping us safe no matter what may come our way, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


As you go to sleep tonight, read the words of Psalm 121 and give thanks to the Lord that when we slumber, he is still our perfect Heavenly Father who watches over us in love.

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