September 28, 2011

Kind words from an Email follower

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Just wanted you to know how much I have been fed, nurtured, inspired, convicted, affirmed, encouraged, challenged, etc by the daily readings from seeking Daily the Heart of God.  I have so many dog eared pages from this year that I go back and re-read.  I find myself engaged in more meaningful quiet times of reflection and journaling brcUse of your catalytic writings.  I find myself compelled to read more,  but refuse to read ahead to futire day’s devotionals, but rather am disciplined to go back and re-read previous day’s passages. I wanted to reach out and encourage you that your devotionals are having deep impact in your readers.  My friend Jack and I frequently discuss your writings together and find common ground and inspiration.  Thank you for your wonderful contribution to Christian discipleship!

Keep it up!



  1. Harriett Boglin says:

    The Daily Devotionals from Wisdom Hunters have really been a blessing to my life. A friend of mine sent me one of the devotionals one day to encourage me… and I have been a faithful reader every since, the devotionals have really stretched me beyond my limted thinking to see God in a bigger capacity in my life situations. The emails have been food to my soul literally and I thank God for Wisdom Hunters Ministries.

    God Bless
    Harriett Boglin
    Nashville, TN

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