April 30, 2015

Influence for Justice

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – April 30, 2015

“If it pleases the king,” she said, “and if he regards me with favor and thinks it the right thing to do, and if he is pleased with me, let an order be written overruling the dispatches that Haman son of Hammedatha, the Agagite, devised and wrote to destroy the Jews in all the king’s provinces.” Esther 8:5

Everyone has influence. Coaches influence players. Teachers influence students. Friends influence friends. Voters influence elected officials. Parents influence children and children influence parents. Employers influence employees and employees influence employers. Wives influence husbands and husbands influence wives. Influence affects the character and condition of someone or something. It can be used to encourage good or bad outcomes. God calls His children to use their influence for His good purposes. Influence stewarded well will require risk.

Before becoming Queen—Esther sought advice from Hegai—knowing he understood the King’s selection process and what attracted his favor. Queen Esther pleased King Xerxes. She had the ear of the King. Her beauty and the elegant way she carried herself endeared her to all who met her. Wisely, she was patient to steward her influence for the best opportunities. She refrained from addressing the trivial and waited to weigh in on significant matters. When her people, the Jews, were threatened she spoke up. Courage risks rejection by using its influence to end injustice.

“Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish” (Esther 4:16).

In what ways you can steward well your influence? Avoid the natural inclination to do only what’s best for you. Use your influence for others—even to the degree that you give up something, so someone else gains something. You may recommend a pay raise for a team member, but forgo one for yourself. You may step away from a trip so another can travel in your place. Moreover, don’t always play it safe. Boldly suggest to your peers or superiors ideas counterintuitive to their thinking. Prayerful risk taking will elevate your faith in Jesus. Trust in God is influence for God. Use your influence to help those who helped you get to your place in life. Gratitude is loyal.

Most of all, go deeper in your relationship with God and trust Him to increase your influence. Creditability comes to those who love and obey Christ. The depth of your character determines the breadth of your influence. Those who finish well have influenced well. The best stewardship of influence is seen in people who are unselfish. Become an advocate for those without a voice and the Lord will give you a respected voice in the community. Injustice needs your influence.

“Now write another decree in the king’s name in behalf of the Jews as seems best to you, and seal it with the king’s signet ring” (Esther 8:8).

Prayer: Heavenly Father, use whatever influence I have to spread the good news of Your grace.

Related Readings: Genesis 41:42; Esther 2:15; Acts 15:36-41; Romans 12:9-13; 1 Corinthians 12:2

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Additional Resource: 4 minute music video- Big Daddy Weave: Every Time I Breathe

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  1. Penny Geller says:

    I love these devotionals! They speak to me and lead me to Scripture. I thought that this one would address the incredibly important vote happening today in the Supreme Court. Nine unelected judges will decide if homosexuals can legally marry in this country. This goes against our constitution but, much more importantly, it goes against God’s law. Marriage is between a man a a woman. Scripture is clear on this and Jesus said it Himself. Christians did not stand against Roe v Wade and millions of babies have been killed. Christians need to stand against gay marriage or watch as this country falls farther and farther away from God. Be brave, Boyd – risk being labeled a “hater” – and dare to speak up for God on this issue.

  2. Gwynne says:

    Dear Penny~
    Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Your comments were heartfelt and sincere and we appreciate your conviction. Boyd wanted you to know that he actually wrote a devotional yesterday that addresses this very topic. It should be out in a couple of weeks and is entitled ” Allegiance to God”. He is praying for all of us as Christians “to use this opportunity to love people and as Penny says to stand up for what is right”.
    Thank you, Penny, Boyd and the rest of the Wisdom Hunter’s staff, are grateful for your comments and courage. Please let us know what you think when “Allegiance to God” comes out. We value the feedback we get from all of our Wisdom Hunter’s family.
    Blessings to you and yours.

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