March 10, 2012

Hopeful Waiting

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- March 10, 2012

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for my Savior; my God will hear me.” Micah 7:7

Hope allows you to wait patiently on the Lord. It is hope in Him that is heaven’s guarantee of grace. Because of the things that are out of your control, it is wise to practice hopeful waiting. Otherwise, you will live in frustration and fear over matters you cannot mandate or manipulate. This is where hopeful waiting pays great dividends. You choose to hope in Christ rather than place your trust in ever-changing circumstances.

This is a wise bet. If, however, your hope is in an organization or institution, all bets are off. Both can and will fail to meet your expectations, but hopeful waiting trumps the company’s broken promises. It gets you to place your trust and hope in God’s provision rather than in the corporation’s ever-changing commitments.

The same can be said of what we should expect from people. They can be fickle and undependable. Indeed, some people hurry away when things get tough. They make excuses or excuse themselves from responsibilities. Difficult times raise up heroes and bring down imposters. Therefore, patient people learn hopeful waiting in their dealings with others. They wait on people, not in a naïve and irresponsible way, but in a way that honors them and Christ.

They are hopeful while waiting for him or her to follow through with their original commitment. If there is no progress on their part, then there are consequences to their concessions. If there is a pattern of non-productive living and working, then hopeful waiting is trumped by wise stewardship. You always wait on the Lord, but as you wait, be an excellent steward of His resources. Waiting does not mean wasting. As did the faithful manager, you work wisely while you wait on your Master (Matthew 25:15-28).

Wait on Him and hope in Him, for this is a wise sequence of activity and thinking. God is not going anywhere without you (Deuteronomy 31:6). Circumstances change and people leave, but He is still there for you to trust and obey. There is no need to run away and hide, for God has revealed Himself just for you. His wisdom is there for the asking. Your Savior gives you stability because a firm footing is found by faithfully waiting on Him in hope. Do not be shaken. Stay put until He tells you differently.

All hell may break loose around you, but heaven is still in control within you. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you even while people swirl out of control. God is listening, so speak to Him often in prayer. It may be difficult to get an audience with your adversary, but you can always meet with your Savior. So go to Him quickly. This is what hope does. It depends on Christ. He will come through, as He has in the past.

You can wait hopefully in Him because He fulfills His promises with pleasure. Be patient and hopeful as you wait on Him. He will do what He originally set out to accomplish. Trust Him with this and do not be overwhelmed by inactivity. His hope is certain and true. Therefore, remain faithful to the One who is most trustworthy. Wait on Him and hope in Him, for this prayerful sequence with your Savior is security indeed. Watch, wait, and hope, for He hears your heart and feels your pain.

Taken from March 12th reading in the 365-day devotional book, “Seeking Daily the Heart of God”…

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  1. Nancy VanAlstyne says:

    Your writings are such a blessing to me. As I post on facebook, I know others are blessed , too..As soon as I speak to my husband, I hope to join others in supporting your writings…Thank You for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you…..

  2. Jackie Esparza via Facebook says:

    yes it is

  3. Paula Kaye Bell Fuller via Facebook says:

    God is really speaking to me about this subject…wow

  4. surfercajun says:

    wonderful words of life…

    Praying for my brothers and sisters on here daily that post.

  5. christeen ward says:

    This is a timely message, I needed to read this because I have a whirlwind brewing in my life even though I try to keep in control emotionally and not worry about things. I have quite a few petition before GOD and so I have to wait on HIM to bring about the change in my life that I need. GOD bless you and continue to inspire you with these words of wisdom…

  6. This goes along with the Nancy Demoss book I’m in currently.Liz

  7. Yes, He’ll always be there for us.

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