February 2, 2012

Hope in the Face of Hardship

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Life’s trials make the most devoted reflect on their faith. This video explores finding hope during hardships.


  1. Steven Petcher says:

    Boyd, Your devotionals are always “On Target.” A friend has been forwarding them to me. I am going to subscribe myself today. May God bless you as you are a blessing to others.

    I recently started sending a monthly devotional to others that I write and recently have published a small book, “What are the Chances?” which is available online at Authorhouse, Barnes and Noble and others.

    Keep writing, your words are filled with encouragement and truth!

  2. Kim Annest says:

    So glad things are moving on.
    We will never get to the place in this life that we really remember that life is all about him, but God is so faithful and loving to bring us back to this foundational truth.

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