January 30, 2011

Holy Spirit Compelled

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- January 30, 2011

“And now, compelled by the Holy Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there.” Acts 20:22

Sometimes you are compelled by the Holy Spirit. It is an undeniable and internal call to move forward in faith. You may not even know the complete details of what will follow in the future. In fact, you probably will not understand completely what God is up to, but you follow Him anyway, trusting that He knows best.

To be compelled by the Holy Spirit means you must do it. In your heart you know you will be disobedient if you do not follow this new and sometimes uncertain direction. It is exciting and scary at the same time. However, these simultaneous emotions need not deter you; rather, use this newfound energy to accelerate your faith to the next level.

This clarity in direction is what you have been seeking from God and in your sometimes broken and tearful petitions. So, if He is compelling you to attend graduate school, go for it. If He is compelling you to have another child, then say yes to this new opportunity for life. If He is urging you to give at new faith-stirring levels of your time and money to His Kingdom, then move quickly.

There may be one country overseas where He is calling you to be a lightning rod of Kingdom transformation. Do not shrink back with fear and trepidation. Instead, trust Him with the resources and the relationships that will rise to the occasion. Your increase in faith will do the same for others.

Where the Holy Spirit leads, He produces results way beyond your ability to accomplish. Indeed, your new destination may not be a safe place. It may even be hostile to you and what you stand for. However, God can still be trusted. The seeds of your service will not go unattended by the Holy Spirit. He waters, cultivates and harvests where the Word of God has been planted and nurtured. A life compelled by Christ is courageous and content!

You are “in the zone” when you are compelled by the Holy Spirit. This is a window of opportunity that cannot be denied. Seize this God-moment. You will look back and be amazed that the Holy Spirit chose you for this eternal endeavor. Your humility and gratitude will drive you to your knees in praise and adoration for your heavenly Father’s blessing which is beyond measure.

This is the fruit of a Holy Spirit-compelled life lived by faith. You become a man or woman overwhelmed by the goodness and greatness of God. Your love for people is extraordinary because God has loved you in His supernatural manner. The Holy Spirit compels you to more life-changing results on earth because you are more surrendered in obedience to heaven’s agenda. This compelling drama is beautiful and fun to watch.

A life compelled by the Holy Spirit cannot be stopped. Death may cause the body to cease from functioning, but the influence remains and may even intensify. Wow! Wooed by the Holy Spirit! Called by the Holy Spirit! And compelled by the Holy Spirit! Life is too short to not live with this compelling vision and tension. It is the tension of living by faith in Christ. Follow the Holy Spirit’s compelling lead. He is with you and for you. He is at your destination in His revealing power. Do not recoil from this rendezvous with radical faith and obedience!

Taken from Dose 38 in the 90-day devotional Infusion.

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  1. Thank you so much for the Spirit filled wisdom that freely flows from your daily devotionals! I feel like my heart and yours are spiritually on the same page! It is amazing how often your topics are something I am dealing, praying about soooo specifically!! Sincere Thanks, Kim

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