October 22, 2007

Love Always Trusts

Written by Boyd Bailey

Love always trusts. Trust is a staple of love. If you are always suspicious and uncertain then love is lacking. Love thrives in an environment of trust, but shrivels away around distrust. It is very difficult to love without trust. Trust is a lubricant for love. It calls out love like an invitation to an engagement…


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  1. Denise Woodard says:

    Those words are great, love without trust is impossible. I only learned how to truly love from God above. He showed me that his love was sufficient to get me through everything.

    Now I can trust my travels because Jesus goes with me. My life is far from perfect and my love walk with family and friends are challenged daily. But I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

    Love like you never loved before. Play like life is about to end. Share peace and joy and it will lift up and make life much more bearable in these times.

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