August 7, 2011

Good Examples

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- August 7, 2011

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1

Good examples are rare but rewarding. Some are hard to find because they are discreet and busy about doing the right things. Though good examples are few and far between, they can be found. They can be found in matriarchs and patriarchs. They can be found in new believers and old believers. They can be found at work, on the golf course, in the boardroom, at a Bible study or in church.

Good examples can be found, but it is important that you pray and go to school on them. Pray to God for good examples to cross your path; then you will have the privilege of watching them “up close and personal” or from a distance. Regardless of their proximity, it is wise to learn from their lives.

You can learn a ton just by looking. Look for how they invest their time and money. Look for the way they love God and respect their spouse. Look for their intentionality in loving non-Christians. Be a character watcher. Watch their patience and forgiveness in the middle of a firestorm of criticism and adversity. Watch for the confession of their sin and shortcomings with a heart toward repentance. Watch them fear God and serve people. As you watch, there is a good chance you will become like them. You are tremendously influenced by what you watch. Watch good examples.

Moreover, read their writings. Understand their thinking and question their habits. Find out what they do and why they do it. Once you discover their “best practices” for living, begin to incorporate them into your life. Of course, integrate these disciplines only as you are ready and it is appropriate. Be yourself, while you learn from someone else. You are still sold out to Christ first, so only follow the good example of one who follows Him. You are not in a fan club for man. Instead, you have a lifetime membership in Christ’s Kingdom.

Jesus is your best example. However, relating to Jesus is sometimes hard, because He was without sin. Yet, He is the standard. If you are in doubt about a behavior or attitude, emulate Jesus. Jesus will never let you down or lead you astray. The saintly characters of the Bible are good examples to follow as well. Abraham’s faith is compelling. The boldness of Moses gives courage. Joseph’s integrity is inviting. His forgiveness is refreshing. David’s brokenness is pure and holds eternal consequences.

Esther’s loyalty is inspiring. Solomon’s wisdom is life changing. Hannah’s trust is without compromise. Jonah’s zeal is challenging. Elijah’s dependence on God is a faith builder. Job’s perseverance is rewarding. Jeremiah’s compassion is humbling. Isaiah’s eloquence is heavenly. The Minor Prophets reveal a major need to fear God. The Psalms of David comfort. Jesus is Jesus. Paul perseveres. Peter preaches. Luke writes. John loves. Zacchaeus reaches out to sinners. Mark didn’t give up. These are all good examples.

Indeed, there are other modern-day good examples. There is Billy Graham’s integrity, Mother Teresa’s service to the poorest of the poor and John Paul’s leadership. Be inspired by good examples. Be encouraged by good examples. Be taught by good examples. Be motivated by good examples. Be set free by good examples. Be a good example. But, make Jesus your best example!

Taken from Dose 62 in the 90-day devotional book, Infusion.

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  1. Amber Adams says:

    O me o my, this hits the nail right on the head! I am so thankful for this dose of insight… This is exactly what I have been trying to do. Now, I feel so encouraged to keep on keeping on in this area of my life. Thank you for answering God’s calling Wisdom Hunters. I pray for you to have many more years in this ministry! I have been a follower of your ministry for a week or so and I am so excited to be able to share the wisdom with others. May the Lord bless you and keep you in His care!

  2. D Falk says:

    this is an important question – When you say John Paul is a good example – are you referring to the pope?

  3. Rebecca Mullins says:

    I read every one of your daily devotionals and have for almost a year. I have learned so much, my eyes have been opened many times when I was in blindness, and I have been comforted and encouraged. Today’s “Good Examples” was wonderful until the end. This is the first time that I have had problems with what has been written. I believe that our true examples should be Christians with lives and teachings that are scriptural. I’m not trying to judge these last people that you mentioned, but I do want us to be discerning. Have you studied Billy Graham’s theology? He doesn’t sound now like he did when I was little, watching him on my TV screen. He believes that people can be saved without hearing the gospel and he is in agreement with Robert Schuller who is a universalist and preaches a self esteem gospel instead of repentance. Mother Theresa was approached by missionaries to India and said that she loved all religions and especially Jesus. They asked her some questions and she was suprisingly ignorant to the facts of the gospel and as they explained, she wasn’t able to understand. She was a wonderful woman but good works alone cannot get you into heaven. She thought there were many ways to God. Finally, if you are talking about Pope John Paul, he reiterated the Roman Catholic anathema on all who believe in faith alone for salvation (true faith does carries componants of repentance and will produce good works). I am wondering now–are you Catholic?

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