February 13, 2021

God is a Refuge

Written by Tripp Prince

God is a safe place to find refuge for your weary soul.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – February 13, 2021

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. Psalm 62:8 (NRSV)

God is a safe place to find refuge for your weary soul. He can be trusted with your deepest fears and most painful wounds. He does not abuse or manipulate but speaks softly and tenderly, like a loving parent towards a beloved child. 

In life, we often find ourselves searching for such places of safety. Due to the brokenness of our human condition, trustworthy places of refuge can be elusive and easily lost. A moment of passion or outburst of anger can sow seeds of discord and distrust. We long for refuge, yet find ourselves regularly hurt and betrayed by those we love the most.

Do not misplace your hope. Are earthly relationships a potential means of grace and taste of the perfect refuge of God? Absolutely! Many of us have known, and know today, the joy that comes from living life in a relationship defined by mutual vulnerability and trust. Few things in life bring greater joy or comfort. Yet we must remember, even the most trustworthy friend is a fallen and broken creature, capable of great good, yet also someone who will fail to love as they ought. 

The failure of others is not a cause for distress! In many ways, a correct view of the human condition should prepare us for these moments. Every person is sick and in need of the healing touch of God. As James reminds us, from the same mouth we are able to both speak blessing and worship God, yet at the same time speak curses over our brother or sister (James 3:10). 

Every time we encounter the brokenness of someone we love, it is an invitation to remember our own need of healing. Furthermore, it should create in us a longing for perfect love, the safety and refuge that comes from God alone. As the psalmist exhorts us, “Trust in God at all times” (Psalm 62:8). There is never a moment or situation in which God cannot be trusted. Turn to him today and find refuge for your weary soul.


Father, thank you for your unwavering, perfect love towards us. Turn our hearts towards you today, that we may receive the healing touch of your presence. Amen.


Have you looked to an earthly relationship to provide you with the unshakable refuge and love that can only come from God? 

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