June 4, 2021

Freedom in Christ

Written by Boyd Bailey

Love is relational currency! And, because you are free from the debt of sin, you have the riches of love to spend in service to others.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – June 4, 2021

I tell you the truth: everyone who commits sin surrenders his freedom to sin. He is a slave to sin’s power. Even a household slave does not live in the home like a member of the family, but a son belongs there forever. So think of it this way: if the Son comes to make you free, you will really be free. John 8:34-36, The Voice

Freedom can be allusive to followers of Jesus if sin is able to gain a foothold in a person’s life. Sin may manifest itself through addiction, fear, lack of love or identity confusion. Jesus is making the case that He has come to set the captives free from the slavery of sin. Faith in Him shifts from the household of hell to the household of heaven. A child of God is free not to sin!

Here are three ways disciples of Jesus have been set free from sin:

Free From Addiction “The beauty of your new situation is this: now that you are free from sin, you are free to serve a different master” (Romans 6:18, The Voice).

A good friend has been free from his addiction to alcohol for over 500 days. How? A loving intervention from two family members who loved him more than allowing him to stay stuck in his pain—challenged him to get help. Their love gave him permission to do what he wanted to do—but lacked the moral resolve. Once he received professional help and re-surrendered to Jesus, he was set free from sin to begin making healthy life choices. And now he is engaged to marry, by God’s grace, the woman of his dreams—beloved by the Lord and beautiful (inside and out)! Freedom from addiction starts by recognizing it as sin and then humbly seeking help.

Free From Fear “You see, you have not received a spirit that returns you to slavery, so you have nothing to fear. The Spirit you have received adopts you and welcomes you into God’s own family. That’s why we call out to Him, “Abba! Father!” as we would address a loving daddy” (Romans 8:15, The Voice).

Fear loses its voice and influence over your life when your spiritual ears become attuned to the truth of who you now serve as a follower of Jesus. The shackles of shame and guilt have been broken by the blood of Christ on the cross, purchasing you out of your old way of life. Your new Master, Father God, has a face of love not harshness, hands of comfort, a kind voice of wisdom and feet to show you the way. No need to look back on your slavery to sin, call out instead to your Abba, Father as you would address a loving daddy. Fear flees in the face of your loving Father. The Holy Spirit has adopted you into a heavenly home—full of peace, acceptance and love. Learn to be at home with the Lord’s love, resting in who you are: a beloved child of God. 

Free To Love Brothers and sisters, God has called you to freedomHear the call, and do not spoil this gift by using your liberty to engage in what your flesh desires; instead, use it to serve each other as Jesus taught through love.” (Galatians 5:13, The Voice).

Love is relational currency! And, because you are free from the crushing debt of sin, you now have the riches of love to spend in service to others. A love without expectations of being paid back, a love that compounds with character dividends over time and a love that points people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Spread the seeds of generous love and reap a harvest of lives growing deeper in love with God and each other. Love guarantees relational success, because it looks out for what’s best for another. Use your freedom to love for the greater good of serving the least. Be an extravagant lover with a vulnerable heart, and watch others be set free from sin’s bondage! 

God chose us to be in a relationship with Him even before He laid out plans for this world; He wanted us to live holy lives characterized by lovefree from sin, and blameless before Him” (Ephesians 1:4, The Voice).


Heavenly Father give me wisdom and courage to use my freedom in Christ to love well, through Christ’s love and in Jesus’ name, amen.


Who may be struggling with addiction that needs my loving intervention?

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