November 15, 2015

Exceed Expectations

Written by Boyd Bailey

Exceed Expectations 11.15

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – November 15, 2015 

Confident of your obedience, I write to you, knowing that you will do even more than I ask.   Philemon 1:21

Exceed expectations because God has done the same for you. He has done what He said and more. There is nothing halfway about God. He does things right and then throws in a little bit extra just to overwhelm us with His grace. Therefore, when God or others ask something of you, go for it with gusto. Exceed expectations. Make it a goal to bring more value to a relationship than you receive. If someone asks for prayer, then pray right then and there. Make it a habit to pray regularly for those in need, especially those who request prayer. Exceed expectations in your prayer for others. Exceed expectations in your work. You work to not just get by with the minimum requirements, but to give glory to God. What better way to make Christianity attractive than to work with excellence? When you exceed expectations, you open the door for others to inquire about your motivation, the Lord Jesus.

Exceeded expectations may facilitate advancement in your career. People want to work with and for someone who goes the second mile. They want to reward and hang out with someone who exceeds expectations. When we exceed expectations, we know that at the very least, there will be satisfaction on behalf of the ultimate One we serve. Lastly, exceed expectations with your attitude. A positive and “can do” attitude goes a long way toward making relational deposits. There are a lot of things we cannot control, but our attitude is one we can. Go over the top with an attitude of gratitude and generosity. Be exceedingly grateful!

Marriage is another environment for you to serve beyond what is expected. Make it a goal to out-serve your spouse. Marriage is an opportunity to give respect. No one in marriage has ever complained of too much love and respect. It is not possible to overly respect or overly love your spouse. Look for creative ways to love and respect them beyond their expectations. Exceeded expectations in the home make for harmony and contentment. The home is all about others, not you. Yes, there are times you feel the need to be spoiled, but first seek to spoil and serve others. You receive blessings and encouragement beyond measure when you serve in ways that exceed others’ expectations. It is not a game of keeping score of who has done the most for the other lately. Rather, it is dying to your own expectations so that you can exceed the expectations of your spouse and children. You have the option to exceed what God expects of you. Model this for them.

Why just get by with God? A prayer of salvation is the beginning of belief and a lifetime love affair with the Lord. He has a treasure trove of adventure waiting for those who will take him at His word and dare to exceed his expectations. So, if God asks for 10% giving, you want to exceed His minimum requirement. If He asks for one day of Sabbath, you want to give Him daily mini Sabbaths. If He asks for your heart, you want to give Him your life. Go more than one mile for another by giving others what they don’t deserve. Exceed expectation for heaven’s sake.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, by Your grace I want to exceed expectations in my service for You.

Application: What relationship needs my unselfish service that exceeds their expectations?

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