September 23, 2012

Deliverance from Fear

Written by Boyd Bailey

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today- September 23, 2012

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4

Prayer positions us to receive the peace of God. It is when we seek Him that we see Him. It is when we see Him that we are secure. As we travel across the choppy sea of life’s circumstances, we can become dizzy and fearful if we look down at the water of wonder. But if we keep our eyes fixed ahead on a stable object, we remain secure and feel safe. Jesus is our immovable object of belief. He is our secure Savior who is there for us when fear assaults our attitude and threatens to highjack our heart. When we seek His face He reciprocates by flooding our countenance with His peace. He replaces our furrowed brow of fear with a calm face of faith. He gives the righteous a radiant face that is never to be covered with shame. The Lord hears our prayers by extending His peaceful presence.

No one has ever been sorry for seeking the Lord. It takes time and effort but it is your best investment. Process your problems with prayer and you will be the most productive. We cannot come to the best solutions in our own strength. One dimensional problem solving only leads to average results at best. Why be satisfied with a perspective limited to your experiences, intelligence and giftedness? It is seeking the Lord that unlocks a treasure trove of truth that leads us to possibilities we would never imagine on our own. The fruit that comes from replacing fear with faith is unlimited. We can rest assured as the Almighty leads us down a new path. This is what may happen in the process of seeking your Savior. He delights in determining a better way for you.

This next season of your life is the Lord’s reward for your faithfulness all these years. You have sought Him unashamedly and obediently. Money has not been your motive. Pride has not prodded you. Fame has not been your forte. You have sought Him with your unselfish service. You have sought Him with your humble obedience. You have sought Him by ministering to the needs of others. Because of your faithfulness in seeking Him, He has grown your faith and marginalized your fears. Therefore, see this next season as an extension of His blessings. There is no need to fear because God is near those who seek Him. There is no safer or more secure place to be than in the process of seeking Him.

Moreover, God expects to hear from you before you can expect to hear from Him. If you restrain prayer; He may refrain grace and mercy. The more you think upon the Lord, and less of yourself, the better off you become. Seek Him, lose yourself, and you will discover the best way. Furthermore, there is no need to fear your next transition as your Heavenly Father has your hand and He is guiding you. There is no need to fear the cessation of this phase of your career as He is in control. There is no need to fear the breaking off of a relationship as He is in the business of mending broken hearts. There is no need to fear provision for your family as God is your provider. Seek Him and He will deliver you from your fears. Seek Him and you will be secure in Him. Seek Him before, during and after trouble comes. Then the process of seeking the Lord becomes second nature to your soul. Then fear fails its mission. Indeed, seeking Him fossilizes your fears!

Taken from Reading #23 in the 90-day devotional book, “Seeking God in the Psalms”…

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  1. Dave says:

    Just wanted to say that God’s loving presence is casting out all fear and I am learning gratitude for this phase of life. He is faithful to deliver me from my fears. He loves me!

  2. Candace S Korpi says:

    Thank YOU for Your daily posts. Today was a post that especially ministered to me and my husband. It was actually quite prophetic in light of what we are experiencing right now in our lives.

    We have taken a giant step of faith and your posts encourage us to continually seek God in the process.

    Thanks again and Blessings to YOU!

    I pray that God will multiply all of the blessings that you have given to others from HIS Resources…. and even more to YOU and YOUR family…..that YOU will receive them…. Good Measure, Pressed Down , Shaken together and Running over!
    Candy Korpi

  3. Amber Freeze via Facebook says:

    Amen, thank you so much. I was in need of these words. Amber

  4. Dudley Davis says:

    Your devotional was forwarded to me by a friend, and i found it inspirational. Fear renders our Faith powerless, and as believer’s we need to develop a keen awareness about it so that it does not overtake us and bring us into bondage. Prayer is essential to our growth and maturity as Christians, but i know from experience that there are times when we feel like our “Prayer Frequency” if you will is not operating effectively. We seek God through prayer, but we feel in our spirit that we’re coming up short because we don’t feel like we are hearing from him the way that we feel we need to. Unfortunately, that can affect our motivation to press on and we can end up feeling somewhat lonely, and somewhat let down. That is why we have to strive to grow our faith. Jesus told us that he would never leave us or forsake us, so we have to stand on the promises that have been made and release our faith for God’s will to be done in our lives. Often we pray to God for the things that we want or think that we need, but what we should really be praying for is for his will for our lives to come to pass. Sometimes what we yearn for and deem as victory is actually an obstacle that keeps us from fulfilling what God has in store for us long term.

  5. Natacha says:

    This is amazing! Truly a word from the Lord and one that I really needed to hear! Totally apply to my current situation! Thank you so much!!!

  6. Alaina says:

    I recieve it Lord God.
    Thank you!

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