July 28, 2021

Be Still

Written by Boyd Bailey

Stillness sets you free from busyness that can betray your trust in God.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – July 28, 2021

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.  Psalm 46:10

Be still with your Savior, for it positions you to see and hear God. Stillness sets you free from busyness that can betray your trust in God. It is hard to be still in a society that values busyness and suspects stillness. We are made to feel guilty if we are not constantly on the go. Why else would we stay habitually connected to computers and caffeine? However, busyness is not a badge of honor, but a sad and seductive addiction. Overdone busyness is a lack of focus on God and His provision. However, to “be still” is the standard for serious followers of Jesus.

Be still and rest; Be still and reflect; Be still and think; Be still and pray; Be still and write; Be still and enjoy your family; Be still with no agenda; Be still and see things more clearly; Be still and know He is God. Being still is an investment that pays into eternity. Practicing stillness regularly means you trust God with the big things such as relationships, the future, finances, family, a job, and your health. Stillness also means you come to understand the small things and don’t sweat them because you know your Savior is in control. Stillness aligns our hearts with Almighty God. It is in our expressive stillness that we muse on His grace.

Yes, there are seasons of busyness that make stillness seem foreign. An infant requires intense attention. A move to another home involves significantly increased activity. Launching a business or a ministry is an all-consuming affair. Starting something new most likely means you are extremely busy. However, do not use your busyness as an excuse to ignore God. Push back from your fatigue that comes from forgetting to be still. In your busyness, you can still carve out time to be still with Christ. Busyness is not meant to be a habit; it’s meant to be for a time. You are not designed to stay there. You move on and don’t allow busyness to backlog. You pass through busyness on the way to being still.

Lastly, fill your stillness with the significance of knowing God. This is a potent perspective that facilitates faith and trust in the Lord. It is here that you are humbled with a massive dose of dependency on divine guidance and wisdom. It is in your stillness that you see God for who He is, high and lifted up, deserving of your honor, praise, and adoration. The sovereignty of God screams in your stillness.

God grows bigger when you slow down and rest in the shadow of His stature. It is in your stillness that you see the unseen activity of the Almighty. The Holy Spirit is melting hard hearts. He is orchestrating authorities in your life to bend them and you toward God. He is drawing men and women to Himself in the middle of Christless cultures. Stillness shows you what your Savior is up to, and gives us a lively hope that can be yours. Stillness shows you the way. Stillness is God’s way of working with you. Stillness saves time. Be still, and you will see Him exalted among the nations and in the earth. Stillness knows God.


Heavenly Father, slow me down to see your face and hear your voice, so I might walk in your way and point others to your love, through Christ’s love and in Jesus’ name, amen.


What regular rhythm can I add to my calendar so I can be still to love and be loved by my Savior Jesus Christ?

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  1. Beppie Trollip says:

    It eas pure joy waking up this morning finding Wisdom Hunters in my Email.
    Recovering from Covid I have learned again that to be stil and wait on God is the only way to recovery. The bodiy pain I have experienced reminded me of Jesus’ suffering and made it easier for me to cope with without complaining and made the thought that through His stripes I am healed. And today I can witness that. It was good to go through this. It strengtened my faith and I can witnesd .
    Its a priveledge to receive your daily devotions. Many thanks and may God bless this wonderful ministry.
    Yours in Christ Beppie Trollip

  2. Wendy says:

    Thank you, Beppie! What a unique perspective, too. Praying for your complete recovery! Thank you for being a fellow wisdom hunter.

  3. Sharlene says:

    Good night my name is Sharlene James please 🙏🙏 pray for me and my mother Carmen wallace and my brother Paul James he have not accept Christ s

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