October 22, 2022

An Acquired Taste

Written by Tripp Prince

Meditate daily upon the words of Scripture and wise Christian men and women throughout the ages.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – October 22, 2022

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Psalm 119:103, ESV

If my childhood self could see my present-day eating habits, he would be shocked and scandalized. In addition to limiting my sugar and pizza intake, I daily choose to eat vegetables of my own free will! And even more confusing to my former self, I enjoy eating vegetables. Not only do I know in my head that this is a wise and healthy decision, I have trained my body to delight in their taste and be grateful for the benefits they bring.

While many of us as adults have learned to improve our eating habits, I fear we have at times been much slower to apply the same wisdom to all areas of life.

Speaking for myself, I know how easy it is to “feast” on a daily diet of local, national, and global news. Between wars, recessions, market fragility, natural disasters, and political drama, there is always something to consume our thoughts and minds. And if we allow it, this 24/7 cycle will foster in us an unquenchable appetite that constantly demands to be fed without ever satisfying. 

Like the junk food of our younger years, this kind of news is designed to be addictive, keeping you hooked and coming back for more. Yet do we ever pause to consider the cost and long-term impact it may have upon our hearts and lives? Just as a pint of ice cream every day lacks wisdom and moderation, have we accepted 20, 30, 60+ minutes of anxious scrolling as a normative part of our daily rhythm?

Into this ailment, the ancient words of St. Basil the Great offer us a much needed healing remedy: “Let listening to worldly news be bitter food for you, and let the words of saintly men be as combs filled with honey.” If you and I could replace our time spent “listening to worldly news” with daily meditation upon the words of Scripture and wise Christian men and women throughout the ages, just think of the benefits we would receive! Instead of being constantly pulled this way and that, we receive in this timeless wisdom food that satisfies eternally, and a peace that anchors us in even the wildest storm.

Do not be swept away by the bitterness of our world’s brokenness. Set your heart on high with the Lord, and let his presence be sweet to you and the only nourishment you need!


Father, teach me to delight in true spiritual food and to receive the food of this world as bitter to my taste, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Evaluate your “daily diet.” What bitter food can you replace with the sweet honey of timeless truth?

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