October 23, 2021

A Life of Mercy

Written by Tripp Prince

A life of mercy must be cultivated through consistent acts of generosity.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – October 23, 2021

Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. Luke 6:30, ESV

How many times have you and I rationalized away an opportunity for generosity? Though the need may be clear for all to see, we avoid stepping into the situation and offering relief by convincing ourselves that our help will only hurt, that they deserve to be in the situation they’re in, or that someone else is better equipped to be an agent of change or mercy. 

A life of mercy must be cultivated through consistent acts of generosity. Our natural inclination is to avoid the needs of others and close ourselves off from their hurt and their pain. In fact, as we reflect upon the words of Luke 6, we find there today a crucial word of wisdom for us and our own life with Christ: we are meant to be in close enough proximity to the needs of others that it is common and expected for them to ask us for help.

For most of human history, a daily encounter with people in need was simply a given. Humans gathered in close relational and geographic proximity, living together for relational health, physical safety, and economic gain. And while this remains true in many ways in our own world today, our advancements in technology and transportation have allowed us to live more isolated from others than at any point in human history. The reality of this statement warrants deeper reflection as its impact on our lives often goes unnoticed, yet is no less real or significant. 

In the name of safety or comfort, we often choose—or aspire to choose—a life of isolated comfort. We know there are people in need in our town, city, country, and world, yet we much prefer to keep these needs at arm’s length. “Don’t stop me in the street or knock on my door to bother me with your needs. You do you and I’ll do me,” we think in our heart of hearts. And understandable as this posture may surely be, it is not born from above but is the broken life of sin and death guiding our desires and animating our actions. Christ calls us out of ourselves and into the brokenness of others.

Live a life in which it does not surprise you when people regularly express their need to you. In fact, seek out opportunities to offer whatever you may have, expecting nothing in return, but seeing these small acts of faithfulness as signs of the reign of God breaking in to our isolated and alienated world.


Father, may my desire for safety or comfort never keep me from being an agent of your grace to people in need of your love today, I pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.


What tangible act of service can you do today for someone in need within your family or community?

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