December 16, 2013

Wisdom Hunters Favorites

Written by Wisdom Hunters


Merry Christmas, fellow Wisdom Hunters!

We asked Boyd what media he was enjoying this holiday season, and wanted to share his answers with you. We hope that you will be encouraged!

Favorite Book

Spiritual Life: Mansions of the Heart by Thomas Ashbrook — “Good ideas on our spiritual development and how to persevere through hard times.”

Family Life: Emotional Fitness published by the Center for Relational Care — “Rita and I attended this marriage intensive together, we found it very biblical and practical.”

Personal Life: The Noticer by Andy Andrews — “This book gives creative ways to look at life from a wiser perspective.”

Favorite Devotional

“Any collection of sermons by Alexander MaClaren, a Scottish preacher who was extremely humble, intelligent and insightful.”

Favorite Blog

Her.meneutics on the Christianity Today site.”

Favorite Author

Paul Johnson is a christian British Historian who writes like a novelist. His works are very meaningful and applicable to modern life.”

Favorite Podcast

Andy Stanley’s Leadership podcast adds a freshness to proven leadership principles.”

Favorite App

iDisciple is an aggregate of excellent discipleship tools in various forms: video, audio, sermons, devotionals and Bible studies.”

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