March 1, 2008

Wisdom From a Friend…Larry Green on Life Purpose

Written by Boyd Bailey

Larry Green is a friend with a passion to connect life purpose through the lens of the Lord’s purpose. Transitioning from the business world he has developed Cloud Walk as a platform for coaching leaders in spiritual disciplines. You will love his “Life Compass” we have laid out below along with a description of how to implement.

In Christ,

It has been said that to know God you must know who God has made you to be… to know who you are… to understand whose you are.

We discover that in coming to know our innermost self we come to know God. (Psalm 51:6)

The journey of discovery we will take together can be summed up with two simple questions or prayers…

Who am I?
Who is God?

In seeking the answers to these questions something very powerful occurs… we discover over time that God will reveal the highest purpose for our lives. In seeking truth, God gives us the clarity and the vision to understand the unique call placed deep within our hearts and our souls.

It is from this place of knowing that we can begin to truly live out God’s purpose and our passion for this life.

If you want to know the status of your automobile you will look to the dashboard indicators. These instruments and gauges will reveal a great deal about the inner workings of your car.

If you want to know God’s purpose for your life where do you look?

The idea of an instrument, a tool, a process that would help us understand who we are and give us insight into what our true purpose looks like became our goal. We asked if we were able to put this process on a single piece of paper, what would it look like? What would this “tool” look like that will assist us in intentionally opening up a space in our lives through which God can begin to reveal who we are and who God is?

The answer became this…

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had greater clarity on the answers to these questions? God can… and God wants you to know.

During the Life Compass program, we meet as a group for 7 two hour sessions over a 6 month period. In each session we cover one or more of the 9 Life Compass “Life Indicators” (see below) through a series of exercises, discussions, and prayer.

Life Indicators
1. God’s purpose for my life
2. My Passions
3. My most authentic Christ-like self
4. My Belief
5. My Gifts
6. My Fears
7. My Weaknesses
8. My Core Values
9. My Key Relationships

We trust there will be much to celebrate and give thanks for as we experience as deeper sense of connection and a truer sense of who we are. To learn more about Cloud Walk, visit

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